Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Looks good, lots of splosions! Which also look amazing. And some of the best fire from a flamethrower I've seen.

Posted by Crono

Yep, its Company of Heroes.

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Maybe if my computer wasn't obsolete I would play this.

Posted by Artie

Pointless trailer.

I'm a huge fan of Company of Heroes, but that doesn't even look like a new game. At least say like "AND AN ALL NEW FEATURE __________" or something.

Posted by Slaneesh

yep wheres the new stuff?

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Company Heroes is easily the best RTS out there but this trailer is awful.  Relic needs to get rid of their Randomly Generated trailer software.

Posted by AURON570

liked the flamethrower

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Posted by FuzzYLemoN

This game is already under the radar enough as it is, and this trailer isn't helping at all by not clearly defining a damn thing that's new. Seriously, what's the point of even making a trailer if it isn't going to serve it's purpose?! Fission mailed.

Posted by Chewii101

Love the original. But this trailer is a fail. This standalone is suppose to emphasize on historical battles, which this trailer didnt even show. Nice fire though.

Posted by sneakysnake128

bah, engineers, so useless in a fight

Posted by Media_Master

nice effects!

Posted by Slaneesh
MordeaniisChaos play the original bro :-) got lost of splosions and amasing fire :-D
Posted by Meltbrain

Is this a standalone expansion like Dawn of War Dark Crusade? If so I can get behind it a bit more, it doesn't look like they've upgraded the engine too much but the new units look pretty neat, so yeah, at expansion price I would definitely consider getting this if it's good.