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Posted by Shandwraith4


Posted by SuperMuchBrown

so weird!

Posted by Rhaknar

i demand we get these for every game damn it!

"you play as african american musician 50 Cent, and you occasionally see these big ass ramps, which you need to jump over"

Posted by Jeremy_x

I guess this badboy would bring a good price at ebay...

Posted by SirThirdFilms

This is tremendous

Posted by Wesker

oh boy! Centipede tips!

Posted by ashbash



Posted by Crabcraft

Stick a sweet hip hop beat over that and you've got yourself a number 1 hit!

Posted by Pakorn

"Who are you?"

"I am a gun, that is shaped like a snake head."

Posted by Christopper


Posted by KillaMaStA


Posted by MeatSim

Screw the internet and FAQs just give me instructional help vinyl records from now on!

Posted by Crabcraft

Ok I just made a really bad quality hip hop remix that's pretty sweet. It's kind of loud so maybe turn down your sound first.


Posted by AURON570


Posted by Gahzoo

i dont really know what this is, but i like it.

Posted by Vager

Before the Internet became public, this is what they had to resort too.

Posted by VaultDweller13

More of these need to be made for current titles.

Posted by Lobst


Posted by CleverLoginName

Welcome to 1980.

Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n

videogame manual on record ?!?!??! what ?!?!?!?

Posted by TyphoonSwell


Posted by fox01313
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This is pretty much your typical Brady Guide read out loud.
You know, those strategy guides that are 200 pages of step by step instructions
stating the obvious... for morons... and cheaters.
And they charge insane amounts of money for them.
Sure I'll pay $24.99 for a "book" that uses an entire page
that tells me I need to push the right trigger to fire...

Edited by Dethfish

Kill that fucking spider!

The only thing that would make that cooler is if it was Brad's voice. Vinny also needs to make one for Persona 4.

"When you are facing the Teddie boss make sure to cast Bufu. Wait, was Bufu bad or good? Just try it and find out. When all else fails cast Hama though."

Posted by BulletStorm

I want the Persona 4 booklet read to me by Funky Student. 

"Dag yo, so in Japan "kun" is a suffix of familiarity to men, "chan" is like "kun" cept for women, "sensai" is for the mentor, cept you americans don't exactly have this in yo society! Can't stop the funk, gotta have the funk!"
Posted by RoyaleWifCheese

Now play it at 45! Haha.

Posted by Kyle
my brain just fucking exploded
Posted by Sin4profit

...asshole spider.

Posted by Aeterna

That was..... unbelievably random.

Thank you for making me up in a "uhm... wtf?" kind of way.

Posted by MagusMaleficus

If you play it backward, you'll conjure a fuckin' demon. True story.

Posted by RoboRobb

Sounds like a good guide to life! Avoid everything especially Centipedes!

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Oh, it's far too late for that now.
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@Crabcraft said:
" Ok I just made a really bad quality hip hop remix that's pretty sweet. It's kind of loud so maybe turn down your sound first.
please try to get it online in High Quality, it sounds good but it's painful to listen as it is now
Posted by Gamer_152

They don't make video game manuals like that anymore.

Posted by noclando

Even thou Crabcraft made a remix first, I had to make my own remix and btw it's in a much higher quality quality. Please enjoy :)


Posted by Media_Master

That guy's voice can put anyone to sleep

Posted by EvilDingo
@Crabcraft said:
" Ok I just made a really bad quality hip hop remix that's pretty sweet. It's kind of loud so maybe turn down your sound first.

What the fuck did you do to manage to butcher it in that way?
Play the two audio files along side each other on the pc and record it on your mobile?

On another note - Isn't that something with Gorillaz your playing over the game instuctions?
Posted by AllanIceman

This is Awesome!

Posted by championfetus

haha is this jeff goldblum

Posted by GodPlaysNintendo

Ok, now that's funny.

Posted by InFamous91

hahaha nice manual
so old skool

Posted by xrayzwei

They're going to get you. 

Posted by Crabcraft
@EvilDingo: Yeah pretty much, but i recorded it with my headphones. And yea it's Left Hand Suzuki Method by Gorillaz.
Posted by hagridore

GameFAQs B.C.

Posted by Darg

I remember this guy's voice from a sample in some song where he was describing Defender. I never knew it was an actual thing.


Posted by ch3burashka

"You are a GUN, which looks like a snakehead". He is so damn calm...

Posted by NickHalme

"You are a freakishly large man, that looks like a meathead.  The object of the game is to duck and cover, while shooting the enemies that come at you.  You will do this for ten hours."

Posted by brighteye007

Can we get a record like this for Nobi Nobi Boy.... please....?

" You are ... uh.... well a little ..... You are a ... ugh...     ...   ...   thats it , i quit!!   "

Posted by pandemic

A little trippy.

Posted by Caldarian

Exactly the tips I need for everyday life.

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