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You guys are the best!
MW2 just spills and spread fecal matter all over any other shooters this year.

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Looks bloody stupid, but it's still brilliant.

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@InfiniteGeass: But then you cant use your NVG right after you buy it 0.o
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Sexy!  :)

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Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey....

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@DukeTogo said:

"You could have bought another game with the cost of that garbage. "

Its things like that , that dont make sense to me. I have bought nearly all the new releases in the last few months and i got the prestige edition to :P

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it makes you look like the geth

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@test0r said:
YES! Thanks Giantbomb for the look at the prestige edition. Awesome video.
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Thats cool and yes, Jeff will save us all.

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I now demand that every video feature has at least one person in it wearing the NVG for no apparent reason.

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One more time....

Super Master Soap!

Somebody make it happen.
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You guys look like morons with that thing on your face. I want one.
Also, I MISS VINNY! It seems like he hasn't been in a video in weeks.

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I need to get one of these for ps3.

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Local BB had uncounted numbers of these boxes stacked around... Lots of husbands, boyfriends, etc coming in with their SOs... walking over to the table, picking up the box and asking "Honey, can we get night vision goggles?" and the answer always being no. Must have happened at least 3 times in the time it took me to get my regular copy.
I believe Vinnie was the one that said he figured it would be < 100 by mid January. I'm now inclined to agree.

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Lol. Despite this kinda stupid prestige edition, the game is gonna kick ass! Nothing can change my mind on that. It's a wasted opportunity. They could've gone over the top and included a real gun, or an airport civilian to slay on the comfort of your house.

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I also went to a midnight launch, must have waited about 35 minutes but it was worth it.

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Doom music from Jeff at the end there? 

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Great video

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@test0r said:
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The 'Call of Duty' logo is on the Australian edition. Albeit, in pretty small letters.

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Oh man, the photoshop thread is going to have a field day with this stuff. Can't wait.

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Looks pretty funny when they are looking right at the camera with those things on haha

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Hell yeah he was!
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I've been waiting for this video ever since you guys talked about it in the Podcast, only thing missing is Vinny hunting Dave from above the refrigerator while wearing the NVGs.

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this video is probably worth the price of the googles

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my friend went to his gamestop at College Park Maryland and there was nobody in line at 12:01. haha crazy! I had to wait 40 minutes at a walmart for my copy

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i want a pair but i live in the uk and they like to rip us off

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I'll just get the cheap version

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Jeff's hair is the best hair I have ever seen when he has those NVG's on!!

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Costs wayy too much money in Canada.

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Those goggles look so stupid, man I want a pair!

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What's ryan's Multitool he uses?

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Just buy the game and spend the rest of the money on better NVG

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that looks ridiculous lol, I wish they would have tried it in complete darkness

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@coonce said:
early 90's Mariah was the best Mariah
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@DOUBLESHOCK: Just fyi, night vision goggles to not work in complete darkness. 
They are just light amplifiers. So if there is no light there is nothing to amplify.
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That face impression is creepy, could imagine that beginning to float towards you screaming ''Give me your neeeeeeck!'' 
Also those NV goggles look ridiculous =P Like Ryan has a security camera attached to his face.
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Seeing people with one eye looks too unnatural.

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Seems like a lame package for the money,
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not worth $165, but im glad you made a video to show me that :)

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Is Vinny back yet? I miss him. Jeff's hair when he had the NVG on was great.
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Way did you bay that ,FOOL !!?

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Lmfao @ the Mariah Carey record.

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@SlapChop said:
" @DOUBLESHOCK: Just fyi, night vision goggles to not work in complete darkness.  They are just light amplifiers. So if there is no light there is nothing to amplify. "
but I think these NVGs don't amplify light, they just give off their own light that the human eye does not see.  like a flash light.  that's why they're so cheap and won't work at a distance.
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i felt Ryan/Jeff was look at me a few times o_o in a very interactive way i think xD. hehe protruding from your head. very hilarious jokes in this video from everyone. Oh man Jeff's hair when he's wearing the goggles. I feel so happy right now.

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how much is the hardened compared to this? 
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FAIL!!!! It doesn't make that high pitched noise when you turn it on.

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Amazing, Giantbomb and the rest of the gaming media says MW2 is a GOTY contender. Take that illogical haters...

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I had trouble breathing at times I was laughing so hard