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Posted by PLWolf

That looks...interesting. It's free? I'm intrigued.

Edited by Win

I wish HOME was like this...

Posted by RyanD

it looks like the third person mode of fallout 3

Posted by gzl5000

I wasn't impressed until the word "free" sunk in. Interesting.

Posted by TimeWaffle

the run animation is horrible

Posted by wrecks

World of Crimecraft.

Posted by zitosilva

I couldn't quite understand what it's about, but it looks bland.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

Free to download, you say? I must investigate.

Posted by Sephiroth9997

Hmmm.......One dollar!

Posted by SAGExSDX

@Sephiroth9997 2 Stupid Dogs reference? =)

Posted by Luberik

I would pay 1 dollar fo cho!

Posted by MatthewMeadows

The simpler they keep this, the better it will be.

Posted by JoelTGM

What's the point?  It looks nice and everything, but I think just playing COD4 or something would be more fun.

Posted by LifeByDegrees

My question is: Will there be player controlled vehicles- if not vehicle combat?
Otherwise- that will get very painful- and feel very odd in a game such as that.
A key component to what makes a open world MMO feel interesting is how you get around its areas-
City of Heroes is all about the super jumping+invisible+flying+teleporting Batman-esque hero.
And so much of WoW is concentrated getting the faster and more awesome vehicle of transport.

Posted by ManMadeGod

First time I have ever heard of this game.

Posted by Yzzerdd

Call of Grand Theft Saint's Home 4 :Modern Row Warfare 2

Posted by Valandil

I wouldn't be surprised is it turns out to be laggy. Great concept though.

Posted by VichusSmith

Good idea for an MMO (and for the consoles, too!) but nothing about it stands out. It looks very brown. I know online veta don't think much of GTA's online, but I'd rather play that than this game judging by this trailer.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Wait, free? Wow, that looks really good for a free game, or really an MMO in general. Nice effects. Looks a bit boring, but the visuals are certainly good enough, and it looks interesting.

Posted by jyurakyumihawk

Wait, CrimeCraft?? Hope they fired the writer that came up with that.

Posted by Media_Master


Posted by zityz

For the Low Low price of free, I'm willing to check it out.

Posted by Soulglove

Home: The Streets

Posted by niall077


thank god.

Just watched the killzone2 trailer before this and damn I would have been shocked if this was a full price game

Posted by CitizenSwift

This video made me feel empty inside.

Posted by randiolo

looks good for a free game. but i bet when i comes to getting new weapons and customizing is when u start paying.

Posted by commando2209

 Well in these times you dont get much for free!!!
and its a multiplayer game, but if it had a Singleplayer for when no-one is online!

Posted by Ridonkeykong

needs MOAR V.A.T.S.

Edited by Crono

"Put Craft on the name and this will sell!"

"But it's free!"


Posted by Callumrides

i dont now why but dont you think the the tile image looks kinda like crackdowns logo

Posted by manicproblematic

ryanD "it looks like the third person mode of fallout 3"  yea totally lol...but if its a free downloadable game then I guess its understandable why it looks so uh well average...

Posted by PJ

CrimeCRAFT??? Wow, Thats super desperate.

Posted by ValiantGoat

Microsoft probably isn't too keen on the "free to download" part of this game.

Posted by borgmaster

when i heard the name I thought it was a new IP from Blizzard...

Posted by TheGTAvaccine

Man, that looks bad. At least it's free.

Posted by keyhunter

I like the part with guns.

Posted by Civraz

Looks like it's worth a try. And you can't beat that pricetag

Posted by FoxMulder

so is it free roam shoot 'em all?  It doesn't seem like it can be much other than just everyone running around like maniacs killing eachother.

Posted by Sephiroth9997


All he wanted were those damn doggy treats!

Posted by Junpei

If there was a way for users to just claim different buildings or sections as their own and form up in gangs and then just wage war across the city trying to take out rivals, then I'd be interested. If it's just an open world shooter then it won't last too long.

Posted by Shane394

Because you know, when me and my gang are rolin' bustin caps in peoples asses, we use high powered rocket launchers and proximity mines. REPRESENT!

Posted by Origina1Penguin

This is cool and all, but what I really want information on is APB.

Posted by Destroyeron

I think APB will be better.

Posted by Det1

third person shooter MO?
think I had my share with gunz to be honest.

Posted by sk0ney

this game reminds me of bad

Posted by ScottEFresh

Sorry, i'll be playing games i've actually paid for.

Posted by Pathos

Looks pretty decent. I don't know what most people have against the game.

Edited by SpikeDelight

It looks like it's actually a pretty competent TPS, in addition to being an... MMO? Interesting. And did they just call it CrimeCraft because of (World of) Warcraft? I bet this was their strategy:

Developer said:
"Sir I don't know if our game will stand out enough against all these AAA games being released in the coming months."

Boss said:
"That's OK, just put Craft in the name so whenever someone searches World of Warcraft or Starcraft 2 our game will pop up with them! Free marketing!"

It's actually pretty genius, really.
Edited by Razor

With the word CRAFT in the titles name, it better be a damn good real-time-strategy-first-person-shooter-with-12 man-squad-teamwork-and-spells game.  Otherwise its pure garbage and nobody would buy it like Auto Assault or that other 1st person shooting MMORPG that was cancelled ~3 years ago.

Posted by DSTV

no thanx

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