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Posted by ItsAJackal

Can't wait to play this game

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Started playing the game this afternoon and haven't stopped laughing since. Just insane, crazy fun.

Posted by AwesomeAquaman

Hurray for shooting people in your underwear... or less!!!

Posted by SlashDance

@thirteenyahs: SOLD !

Posted by tourgen

how can this game come out within a week of Skyrim?  HOW?!  What kind of mad world do we live in that two such amazing games can even be released in the same year?  Video games guys, every year is the new best year in video games.

Posted by SheBites

Pick this game up along with a few others and will play it soon but Skyrim has me so hooked!.

Posted by HT101

I got this today and I am loving it. I will be playing it again very soon as well.

Posted by Ferros

Pfft, everyone knows tigers hate convertibles. This game is unrealistic!

Posted by Afroman269

I'm so glad that it says Strap It On on the back of the box.

Posted by Slow_pC

I got my copy today! Got to toss it in tonight.

Posted by Ramone

Is that tiger thing some sort of weird Donnie Brasco reference?

Posted by Napalm

So good. This game is so good.

Posted by Owlright

Video games. Man. They're so fucking great.

Posted by Renegade_Pixels

@Ramone said:

Is that tiger thing some sort of weird Donnie Brasco reference?

No. It's obviously a The Hangover reference.

Posted by dudeglove

I... need this in my life.

Posted by SinCartier

@Ferros: Tigers love convertibles, they hate scooters

Posted by fox01313

Looks great, can't wait to play it & curious to see more of this crazy crazy game.

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@Terjay said:


GET BENT indeed.

Posted by AngelN7

Where´s Giantbomb´s videogame website quote for the trailer huh?! "put on a fake dick".

Posted by 234r2we232

Strap the tiger on to the car.

Posted by Stahlbrand

Bought it, but found I couldn't split my attention and went back to Skyrim for the time being. I'll get to it later, have no fear.

Posted by loopy_101

Auto-tune you say?

Posted by Mercer

wow that main male player character just doesn't look right since i'm used to seeing Jeff's white dreadlock mutton chops guy lol

Posted by MeatSim

This game is getting bought when I am done with Skyirm.