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Crysis on consoles? Whaaaaa

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I have been waiting for this, actually.

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I wonder what corners they cut besides forcing a 1280 x 720 resolution

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ohhh god dammit this is the closet ive ever been to being first..........ohhh well the quest continues.
Also glad this is happening for people who havent played it yet.

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So... Been playing it and it looks phenomenal, and plays great. Just one question: Where the hell are the achievements, multiplayer, and ability to save? Checkpoints only? Really?

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"The day console owners have been waiting for has finally arrived."

I think this guy was laughing when he wrote that!

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Weird at least in Europe they did remove it again because of a weird achievement bug. Too bad, was looking forward to the game today. :(

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Crysis, I'll never forget the day I beat the game on the Delta difficulty.

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It's really fun. I loved the PC version so much, and played it a lot. Now this comes out, I was kind of having the opinion that I'd end up disappointed, and fortunately, that's not the case at all. They fixed some of the problems that were in the PC, mainly the fact that the A.I. is a little bit smarter in the way that they'll pick up sounds better and see things better as well. The biggest problem I have with it though, is that the KPA soldiers spout out more things, and when it's in English it sounds cheesy.

Posted by Zonto

I must say, I did not find this game to be very enjoyable when I played it on the PC. I don't plan on picking this up for consoles.

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@NYPD: well good news! it's actually 1080p, so i guess you will be able to enjoy it!

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@CaptainComedy said:

@NYPD: well good news! it's actually 1080p, so i guess you will be able to enjoy it!

No it is not, all they said is that its going to be upscaled to 1080p, which is like the most standard thing just about every game is capable of.

Of course their intention was making people like you think it actually renders in 1080p :/

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Cool, always wanted to try this out.

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Any console comparisons anywhere? :)

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Crysis 2 runs at 1024x720 on consoles, so I'm guessing this will be exactly the same.

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lol crysis on consoles.

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Well, the console version looks like complete and utter crap compared to the PC. Obviously. Still, if people never got the chance to play it, I guess this is a fairly decent way of doing it.

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Interesting. I will be getting this. Question is, which system? I'll probably get it on 360.

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Awesome I'm getting this later today on PS3 = )

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@NaDannMaGoGo: Whoa! I know the difference between upscaling and rendering, you don't have to get condescending! But I thought Crytek went on recordsaying it was actually 1080p?

And thesescreenshotslookgreatas well. It definitely isn't 1080p native, but it's more than 720. So basically I'm pretty sure you're wrong, and I don't think you need to sling around mean comments, mister!

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

@CaptainComedy: Exactly, supports. That means the game will display a 1080p image. Has nothing to do with rendering. It could be either, and if I had to guess I'd say it won't be running in 1080p. But very few games do so console folks should be more than happy with it.

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Nice console you got there, but can it run Crysis?... oh wait

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

I hate that this is a Games on Demand title. Same with the two Resident Evil games. I want to try a demo before I consider buying these things, dammit. Like Xbox Live Arcade has!

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It makes me sad.. Just sad that this looks better than Crysis 2.

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Lol! PC gamers can keep on dreaming of ever getting something this great looking for their shitty platform!


*ducks and starts running*

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I might purchase it, but I would like some comparisons first. Maybe a quick look? 

Posted by Marokai

Warning to anyone buying this on the 360: the achievements are hopelessly fucked right now. People are unlocking them, but the points don't add to your profile, and other times, they're unlocked, and then you lose them all the next time you boot it up, other times they just don't unlock at all. They're trying to fix the problem now, but I'd hold off for a few days at least, or go for the Ps3 version, because you'll have to play through the game a second time to get the achievements if you play it now.

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Crysis 2 was one of my memorable games of the year, possibly because every time I see Times Square I think of it.
So I should probably check this out.  I don't even care if the graphics are downgraded, I'm just hoping it's as fun as 2.

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@CaptainComedy: look closely at the screenshots, they're blurry & pixelated

not that crysis is bad looking, people should just compare it to console killzone, resistance, uncharted, rage, bulletstorm, etc

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I dunno... I liked Crysis 2, but I still liked the original one better. I'm glad that console players are now going to get the chance to see the difference, and why some PC players were a little put out by some of the choices for the sequel.

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Just got this on Steam.

Posted by PhanThomas

I bought it yesterday and played a chunk of it and it is an awesome port. The sound has been overhauled, the weapons sounds have been beefed up for some and replaced for others, I totally enjoyed the first level so far.

Of course you can see the compromises they had to make with some close-up textures and some foliage, but it is nowhere as bad as that picture that is floating around. And I just played the PC-Version this weekend to have the direct comparison.

Console players can be happy and the PC-crowd, which I am too, should't be that bitchy about this port. They did a really good job with this.

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@MajesticOverlord said:

Crysis, I'll never forget the day I beat the game on the Delta difficulty.

Same here! It was one of the most difficult games I have ever played.

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Looking badass! Though I'm kinda sad this won't get a disc release personally :/

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Not for $20. Screw that.

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Crysis: Get Ported

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This did this about a year too late for me.