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Wasted first comment.

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This just seems silly

Posted by budgietheii

Not enough BWAAAAAA.

Looks like they're just toeing the good side of the cheesy line.

Posted by buhssuht

was expecting the movie trailer guy, was not disappointed

Posted by RuthLoose

That female DCI agent sounds vaguely like a younger-version of Aicia Taylor.

Posted by Ethereal

Well done Eric Pope.... Well done

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DANCE CRIMES! cracks me up every time

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I keep thinking the DCI is the Saints.

Posted by lokey013

Not sure about this iteration....love the previous two games though.....we shall see bumblebee


Sweet trailer for a game I'll never play.

Posted by OriginalGman

The plot of this game is already more interesting than that of any dancing themed movie ever made.

Posted by MeatSim

Dance crimes are worse then war crimes!

Posted by MikkaQ

Oh my god. Fantastic.