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Dance Central was fun. Harmonix is awesome for DLC.

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Yes! I agree, Stereo MC's deserve some recognition.

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Whoomp there it is!
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I like the first, not so much the second and third.

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Every song after Black Eye Peas was a great song lol.

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Whoop, there it is.

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they have the DLC market cornered, literally its hard to find new game addons because of the flood of crap harmonics knocks out 

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Dang thats some good songs  
Thats how you do it 

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I need to get back to playing Dance Central it is worth clearing my living room for.

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@SmoovLT said:
" Whoomp there it is! "
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We need Dance Central: SNSD

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Word up.

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The Word Up music video is the gayest video ever to feature LeVar Burton.  Also, I think they stole the Whoomp routine from a Tae Bo video.

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What's up with the hate for Connected? 

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that was great!

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Damn, I was hoping for some sort of look-at-the-bottom-of-your-shoe move for Whoomp.

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Words cannot accurately describe how negatively i feel about that black eyed peas song...

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Tell me Giant Bomb, can ya dig it?

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If only there were even more ways to buy the same songs over and over again.

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I'd love to see them put a hyphy song in here like E-40's Tell me when to go.  
I'm very happy that they decided not to put "Teach me How to Dougie" in this game.  Black Eye Peas I'm meh about.

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I see them putting Connected in Rock Band before Dance Central.

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Whoa, that "Whoomp! There it Is"-song brought me back to, like, middle school and awkward discos where the boys and girls stood on one side of the room each blushing.

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I misread this thinking Stereo MC's were being added, and got really excited. =(

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Word up and Whoop! There it is were popular back when I'd go clubbin, mullet and all.
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Are they actually adding new moves, or just making routines out of old ones? Because that seems like the thing that would make it or break it for me. 

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@sissylion:  I've got all the DLC excluding Lady Sov, and I can tell you that they introduce entirely new moves mixed with a few of the more staple moves just like every other song in the game. They definitely don't feel recycled. I'd recommend "Temperature" and "Word Up" as top picks, "I Got A Feeling" kinda sucks...
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This game is shaping up to be one I might have to get. Depending on whether I'm willing to reduce myself to such shenanigans or not. Although I feel like years of playing Guitar Hero might have been some sort of preparation.

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Whoop there it is?  Seriously?  Damn wish I had this game!  That was a big song when I was in High School. :)  

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I can dig it!

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I was waiting for "I'm a Korean" to start being sung

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tag team? really? christ its like i'm in middle school p.e. all over again.

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Hmmm debating on which song to download....having this Holiday Party this weekend and I want to make sure there's a good song selection lol...
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I can in fact dig it!

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I wouldn't pay money for any of these.