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AHH! Scary face!  

EDIT: Dance Central looks like the most fun Kinect game, both to watch and to play even though I don't like to dance.

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It's Drake!

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Go Jeff!

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BRAD, holy SHIT! shake it!
EDIT: 1:58-2:01  <-- MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD.

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people gotta be stealin my name!

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They have Jungle Boogie?! FUUUUUCK YEEEEAH!

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theres seriously fannypack in this game?!

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Give us the raw footage of this stuff!

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I can tell this is going to be one of my favourite videos. 

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No way I am buying a product by demon gingers!

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I love all Dance Central videos on Giantbomb... Entertainment guaranteed. 

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Excellent video,  so far this is the only Kinect game that looks like it would be fun and actually work correctly and accurately.

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Hahaha, thats classic. Brad doing the Saturday Night Fever finger points was golden.

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This game needs some Bay City Rollers.
What this really needs is stuff like Rocky Horror Picture Show and stuff like that.

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They looked pretty close up to the Kinect hardware here - any feedback as to how close guys? I'm still worried about getting it all to work nicely in my quaint little English terrace...
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please tell me there "safety dance" in there 

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Can't wait to try this out at PAX.

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Oh it's ON!!!!

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Laughed my ass off through this whole thing.

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Dance Battle > Rattle Battle
Also, GORF!

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oh hey its this guy

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Dude The Gif Gold in the video...So So So many Gifs...

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I want to see a Dance Battle Video Feature putting all of the Whiskey Media staff dancing against each other!
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Funny how the only man that can dance in this is black :D

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@kollay said:
" BRAD, holy SHIT! shake it!  EDIT: 1:58-2:01  <-- MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD. "
In the next I love Monday's CALLING IT (the black dude I mean)
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I am... so... so... SO hyped for this game. Maybe not hyped enough to drop $200 on it... but almost.
And Eric B & Rakim eh... Giant Bomb exclusive!

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vinny or drew should have dropped the camera and jumped in.

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"I understand you're pushing it back to Q2?"

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Every time I see this game the more I want to play it.

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I have never heard that song, and would prefer to never hear it again

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HAHA, the faux-rage chair rolling was great. Awesome video!

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I've got the fever, and the only cure is more dancin'!

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Great vid!

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I kinda want to play Gorf now.

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brad might be the worst at competitive video game 
but he's a pretty good dancer

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Go Ryan.

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Even if kinect isn't a huge success, It will have been worth it for these videos

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O wow video of the week, the editing the dancing, o my!

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i'm seeing lots of backgrounds for 'i love mondays'

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The Giant Bomb crew: Proof that white man in fact cannot dance

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So it was john drake who was danced into the ground. 

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Fuckin' excellent. You just sold this.

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Oh dear

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damm this makes me want to get kinect