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Edited by Freddie_Bert

That dragon is still terrifying even after beating it.

Posted by Construc


Posted by Brake

On paper this sounds like a game that I would hate, but all the GB coverage has made me really intrigued...

Posted by ProjektGill

Wow you can get Wolverine-like claws in this game? They look really cool even if they probably aren't very useful unless you are really good at the game.

Posted by Vexxan


Posted by takua108

That was a way cooler trailer than I would've expected.

Posted by hollitz

@Brake: Give it a rental and see if you like it. This is the optimal time to play as a lot of things still aren't common knowledge.

Posted by mbr2

I think Chris Remo came up with the best despcription for Demon's Souls when that came out. "It's like someone made a Diablo game without having played Diablo."

Posted by RobertOrri

In other news, I just beat Demon's Souls the other day. I vowed not to get Dark Souls until I had done so... but now a second playthrough is taunting me.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Great trailer for an amazing game. Although it's been pissing me off recenlty.

Posted by yoshimitz707

Why is this in the reviews section and not the trailers section?

Posted by Rayeth
Posted by mrsmiley

This game looks so brutal... but after seeing everything on it I'm so tempted to try it out.

Posted by cassus

Surprisingly easy boss. Most bosses in the game just require you to take it slow and easy. Use your shield and try to stay away from their front, for the most part. That boss, though, was pretty scary... Ugly scary.

Posted by Thor_Molecules

Amazing trailer.

I went to town on that gaping dragon with 2 fellow players just the other night. I must say, that is quite the experience.

Posted by TehJedicake


Edited by wolf_blitzer85

That dude was fighting that Gaping Dragon way wrong.
Seems like you can win every boss fight so far by stabbing them in the taint until they die.
I have left many a torn up scrotum in my wake. Also those wolverine claws look rad.

Posted by NaDannMaGoGo

@mbr2 said:

I think Chris Remo came up with the best despcription for Demon's Souls when that came out. "It's like someone made a Diablo game without having played Diablo."

Sounds kinda stupid to me as this has nothing in common with Diablo.

Atmosphere, kind of I guess. But you need more...

Posted by rosebud04

a gaping dragon eh... sounds like social commentary to me.

Posted by cannedstingray

Ginny talked about having good days and bad days playing dark souls. I've been playing for roughly fours a day after work for the past few days and that really rings true. Sometimes when I'm done for the day. I'm super stoked and making good progress. The next day I'll be totally frustrated and feel like I'm going backwards. Either way, this game has all of my attention right now. Not many games can do that, where I think about it at work and can't wait to get home and get back to playing, knowing full well that I'm gonna be frothing mad at some point each session.

This game and demons souls are truly unique

Posted by MiniPato

Not shown during the wolf battle: bad framerate.

Posted by Protonguy

Now if they can just fix the poorly implemented P2P multiplayer system where you and your buddy may be in different lobbys on different servers and never see each others signs in-game it will be a step towards game of the year material.

Posted by JamesJeux007

I gotta admit, I wasn't expecting such a badass trailer. And I absolutely LOVE the fact that they base their marketing on the premise that the game is gonna slaughter you every chance it gets... LOVE IT !

Posted by megalowho

God damn the boss battles in this game are fantastic.

Posted by Ezkilla

great trailer, that was the 532148 time i died

Posted by DigitalOpiate

Keep playing Brad, one of the best rpg's ever made hands down

Posted by cannedstingray

Stupid auto correct and no edit from my phone

Posted by subyman

The gaping dragon is actually one of the easier bosses, but he is crazy terrifying. They way his spin practically breaks in half as he bends over on top of himself to slam down the mouth that runs down the length of its belly. It was a long and scary fight for sure. The game is fantastic, it is aiming to be my game of the year.

Posted by horseman6

Gaping dragon is actually pretty easy of you don't rush him.

Posted by Nentisys

30 hours in and I love this game. Propably my GOTY.

Posted by jessej07

I need a Quick Look v.2!

I'd like to know how Rorie's hero is doing :)

Posted by Praise_the_sun

Oh God I can't wait until I get to fight that giant teeth monster.

Also, how was this trailer not released before launch? It's easily the best one the game has had.

Posted by Dots

@Protonguy: Yeah, uhh, dude... It's supposed to be like that. =/

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Actually he is one of the easier bosses, but still extremely cool.

Edited by fetchfox

@jessej07 said:

I need a Quick Look v.2!

I'd like to know how Rorie's hero is doing :)

Yes! Give us more Rorie, that quick look was incredibly fun to watch.

Posted by McShank

"dieing gets easier" Best quote I have heard in a long time.

Posted by Thor_Molecules

@Protonguy: I'm not trying to sound like a broken record here, I really don't.

But try to realize that you are expecting something that this game never promised to deliver.

It's not a co-op game, never was. It's a completely passive multiplayer layer, pretty much completely unique, and it's only there to add some variety to the mix and a certain "community feel" to your personal quest to slay demons. I think it's unfair to talk down on this game because you expected it to be something else.

Posted by LiquidSaiyan3


Posted by foxhound421

I waited on Demon's Souls until it hit the $20 price point and there were a LOT of guides and FAQs online. I know that's not the "right" way to play it (whatever), but trudging through Demon's Souls with a FAQ handy on my iPhone at all times was actually a lot of fun for me. As much as I ended up enjoying its predecessor, I'll probably do the same for Dark Souls.

Posted by freakin9

I think I'm close to tapping out with this game. Loved Demon's Souls, was close to my favorite game of this generation, but things like trying to get humanity when you don't have it and being in a perpetual state of not knowing where to go next has been driving me up the wall.

Posted by Brackynews

WHOA Amaterasu's in this game? Fantastic. C'mon UPS, bring it today...

Posted by SuperWristBands

Get rid of the dudes trying to look cool by walking towards the screen all decked out doing nothing and you've got yourself a fantastic trailer. Also, gravely voice guy is amazing.

Posted by Thor_Molecules

@freakin9: Drop a summoning sign in boss areas. Easiest way to collect humanity I know of.

A lot of fun, too.

Posted by NekuCTR

@Brackynews: Yes, and that is the saddest boss fight in the entire game. When you get it down to 1/8th health it starts fucking limping, and gets really defensive. I mean what kind of a monster am I?

Posted by Greenshoes

Great game, nice trailer.

Posted by Thor_Molecules

@NekuCTR: Don't spoil that shit for him, he's waiting on his copy.

Posted by NekuCTR

@foxhound421: Did you beat Demons Souls? Then you played it correctly. Victory is the only thing that matters.

Posted by Nerolus

@NekuCTR: Sorry, my sanity matters more. Fuck this game - seriously. I want to shoot myself.

Posted by konig_kei

Yeah brad, prepare....

Posted by Kaowas

Me at 1:13:

"Fuck you wolf! You're a giant wolf! What do you need a sword for!?"

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