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GOTY 2013, then 2014's 2013 GOTY.

Posted by KFJ

Any word on a release date?

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as someone who just recently got really into dark souls, im super excited for dark souls 2. its a really unique and amazing experience. i didnt think it'd be for me, but i gave it a shot and its easily one of my favorite games in years.

dark souls 2 looks pretty awesome.

Posted by peritus

Cant wait! Love Demon's and Dark souls!

Posted by Kaiserreich

The hype train has no brakes!

Posted by kortex



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Seems like kind of a rushed trailer. Regardless, if it's as good as its predecessors, GOTY 2013 right here.

Posted by Carlos1408

SO DAMN EXCITED ABOUT THIS! Seriously can't wait, I'm serial guys!

Man I loved both Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, there is no other experience like playing those games through for the first time. Sheer satisfaction! :D


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YES. I have played the shit out of Dark Souls, I will play the shit out of this.

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Looks good, about time for a medieval knight walking simulator

Posted by ross2075

I'll be dying.

Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n

PC !! !!! ! YOU ALL SAW IT !!!! ! WOOOOOO hopefullty they make it a priority this time though :/

Posted by Lanechanger

Oh man, I'm ready to go down this dark hole again!

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It does look very Dark Souls. I hope they mix up the systems a little bit like they did after Demons Souls.

Posted by sub_o


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Souls games are so great. I'm so glad they exist.

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I notice there's a couple of single-frame subliminals in there at 52 and 54 seconds:

Posted by JackSukeru

PC !! !!! ! YOU ALL SAW IT !!!! ! WOOOOOO hopefullty they make it a priority this time though :/

PC being the lead platform has actually been confirmed by the developers, so yeah.

Posted by Adrian79

Hopefully the guys will give this game it's due after the first Dark Souls was so woefully forgotten in the GOTY awards.

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From the IGN stuff I think this is going to be a bit like the absolutely amazing DLC, including better leading towards destinations and amazing boss fights. Looking forward to telling everything in life that I'm taking a few weeks off and going super hardcore in this.

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A 100 new ways to die

Posted by Draxyle

I might not nab this day one because of the director change but.. this looks like proper Demon's/Dark Souls. Both of those games were my favorite games of those respective years, so I really hope this can keep the ball rolling.

It's fantastic that there's a series out there selling in the millions that doesn't assume I'm a blithering idiot.

Man I loved both Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, there is no other experience like playing those games through for the first time. Sheer satisfaction! :D


Indeed! While they're always fun to re-play, that first experience of not knowing what's around every corner is like none other. They're almost like horror games in that way.

Posted by Nerolus




GOTY 2013

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Be wary of coming out GOTY.

Posted by vikingdeath1

The real Dark Souls 2 starts here

Posted by DonChipotle

Nice clipping on that axe through the wall

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Posted by Andheez

These games are the shit. Supposedly they are 'westernizing' it a bit in the sense the systems won't be so confusing and a bit more spelled out, I just hope they don't take things too far, I do like some mystery.

Posted by bd_monkey


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I was talking to a dark souls friend. Told him even if they dumbed down the game, a dumbed down amazing dark souls just turns into really good dark souls. Gonna buy it no matter what. Still hoping they have trailers like the one for dark souls. I want a trailer that really shows the despair and hopelessness like the release trailer for the first one.

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So whats going to kill us in this game? The entire hallway?

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Best series of this generation.

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i'm really interested in seeing how this one shapes up. I played Demon's Souls and had no interest in it past the first area. I picked up Dark Souls and couldn't put it down. I think it was the whole overworld concept, I dunno but I loved it. So with this being Dark Souls 2 and not "insert grim word here" Souls, I wonder if it will feel like DLC or a new game.

Posted by Humanity

@mikefightnight: Thats weird, I thought the first one was so engrossing right from the start. Well to each his own I suppose.

Posted by RichieJohn

@mikefightnight: From the looks of the trailer it might have started off as Dragon's Souls but Namco told them it had to be Dark Souls 2.

The 'Drop Stone Of Healing' instead of Estus in the game play footage makes me think it was something different but the director said Estus will be back so I'm confused.

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Now all that's left is for Durante to announce his day one HD patch and I'm buying this for sure.

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More motivation for me to actually get around to playing Dark Souls!

Posted by development

60 fps on pc; 30 fps on consoles with no drops in framerate w/ new engine (I don't believe it, but that's what they're saying). Super excited. I skipped Dark Souls because I simply played too much Demon's Souls and needed a break from anything even similar, so I can't wait to get my feet soaked with souls again.

Posted by tourgen

I remember the first time I finished Demon's Souls. Great ending to a great game. So weird! I mean that last bit was really strange. I like how they weaved the feeling of a near-futile struggle into the atmosphere and story as well as just how the gameplay felt sometimes.

The Souls games are my favorite console RPG series ever.

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I'm ready for the trial and error all over again!

Posted by geirr

So happy it says PC so maybe, just maybe they'll launch on all platforms the same day.

Posted by Oginam

@draxyle: Worth noting that IGN has a gameplay reveal video up if you're worried the director change will affect the gameplay. Spoilers: it doesn't look like it.

Posted by Lyfeforce


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For God's sake, I have not finished the other ones.

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Can not wait.

Posted by Protonguy

I'm prepared to die again!

Posted by Dberg

Give it to me! I need this! It's the only way I can feel anything. I own the last one on two platforms and have played both versions longer than any other game since Final Fantasy 6.

Posted by HerbieBug
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Every time I hear dark souls mentioned, I hear the damn music in my head. I hope they change the systems like they did for dark souls from demon souls. I also would be pleased if it stayed as maddeningly hard as it is. If they do have to remove one thing, make it the stackable curses. Those can f*** off and die.

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