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Yeah, Dark Souls is gonna be hard as hell.

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So this trailer saying that my character is already dead but the embers of the past let me keep living? Awesome.

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Im in!

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Sweet. I have no idea what's going on, but I can't wait.

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I NEED this game. Demon's Souls was amazing and I can't wait to get my next dose of torturous battles. No game has made me more afraid to walk around a corner like Demon's Souls.

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fifth, actually

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Is this just the intro being given out in bits and pieces? I haven't watched one of these since the first one.

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Can't type, boner in the way...

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Part 37 is going to amazing!

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The use of symbolism and elemental forces as raw natural forces has rarely been done as well as in this series. Same as the enemies giving you True Pants-Shitting Terror™, and victory giving you True Earned Accomplishment™.

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Probably the best setup for a game world I've seen since Bayonetta and Jeanne fought angels on a freefalling cathedral.

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Light & dark

Heat & cold

Life & death

Summer & Winter

Madonna & Gaga

1 + 1 = 2

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This is a game I'm sure gona love to hate

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Sexy. I can't wait !

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I feel like I've seen this one already, wtf

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Isn't this all of them put together?

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Before you die, you see the ring xD

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Mmm.. yes, pretty good trailer.

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Oh sweet Lord, just show me that furtive pygmy.

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Not seeing any Guyra in this trailer From... What gives?

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@Spoonman671 said:

Oh sweet Lord, just show me that furtive pygmy.

He probably to insane for us to handle.

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It comes out the day after my birthday. It shall be mine!

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I bet that nasty-lookin' dragon is the last boss.

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Ugh, damn it, why can't you just be in my hands already?

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Sounds to me like this is no longer the age of dragons.

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Soon, soon we will be consumed. My holiday game playing/buying is all centered around this. I have been counting down the days. Cannot wait to see some of you along my travel be it friend or invasion haha!

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I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what is going on.. but I CANT wait!!!

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When one row of teeth isn't enough, Dark Souls has you covered.

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Someone needs to invent a flashlight.

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I've had the game preordered for some time. Limited edition. It's going to be rad.