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Looks really cool, too bad i don't ever plan on getting a Rift.

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When you win, all the telephones in the world ring at the same time...

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So that's what the internet looks like.

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I thought Pat was about to go all journalistic on the 'Deep-web.'

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I can carry nearly eighty gigs of data in my head.

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Any good reason why this has to be on Rift? Wouldn't a mouse pointer with a scroll wheel do just as good?

Is it really worth developing something only for an unreleased device with a small install base? Just curious, I'm just not really seeing the benefits of locking this into the Rift.

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Looks good. Ciess was a lot fun, and I like the new look and name.

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How long until we can form our hands into guns that shoot people and make tumors explode out of them?

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This reminds me of Ghost in the Shell hacking.

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Why is there no Tron game for the rift? This is an abhorrent oversight. It must be rectified at once!!

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Didn't Patrick play this or a prototype of it on Worth Playing at some point?

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@artikay: Is this the evolution of that, then (as in, from the same guy)? I was wondering while watching this video, because I remember Patrick playing that and it does seem very similar.

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Cyber Christ.

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What is the "point" of any exclusive? I attract people to the device, to ensure a consistent experience.

The whole philosophy behind the Rift is that games will need to be designed with it in mind, not retrofitting others. The opposite should hold true as well. I personally plan on getting an Oculus Rift on day one.

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@paulunga: He did. But I don't remember which one it was; There was another VR-game in that Worth Playing were Patrick controlled a loose elephant in a psychedelic world too I believe.

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Hack The Net you say...

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@wrecks: I saw this film ages ago, Keanu Reeves right? Isn't there some stupid dolphin in it as well?

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@hobozero said:

When you win, all the telephones in the world ring at the same time...

And thus was Max Headroom born.

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Why try to get people hyped when there's no Rift coming out for a while...

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I can finally live out my early to mid 90's internet hacking movie dreams!

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I guess it's nice to know that somebody somewhere is making something for it.

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I'm looking forward to phat ICE breaker loot drops.