Posted by ToxicFruit

it looks better every time I see it. Must buy for me 

Posted by Druminator

Still looks awesome!

Posted by locolukah

Agreed. I have high hopes for this one. Can't wait for the reviews!

Posted by Pepeman

Dude, you get fight BALROG OF MORGOTH IN ARMOUR IN THIS GAME!....or a dude that look just like him..

Posted by nanikore

Looks worse every time I see it.

Posted by myslead
@nanikore said:
" Looks worse every time I see it. "
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Joe Mad is just, ugh. 
I can't decide if this or Dante's Inferno will be the bigger turkey here.
Posted by wrecks

Anyone smell Legendary The Box?

Posted by RandomInternetUser

This looks pretty awesome.  I hope they release a demo of it though, so I can decide between this and Bayonetta.

Posted by Skald

The main character is ugly, and the game doesn't seem very original.

Posted by Cheapoz
@wrecks said:
" Anyone smell Legendary The Box? "
Oh is that what it is?
Posted by FunExplosions

Looks like we're gonna need a quicklook to decide how good this game looks.

Posted by DanielJW

Ya know, I really like the look of this game. It seems as though I might be picking up God of War III, Dante's Inferno, and this.  

Posted by Crey93

the art style looks great. The game looks like a mix of God Of War/Devilmaycry & Zelda like exploration and dungoens. The fact that your going up against heaven and hell is pretty cool

Posted by ArchV1le

I've been looking forward to this game since like e3 07 haha im glad to see its turning out to continue to look awesome

Posted by HatKing

It looks a little better than it did when I saw it several months ago... but I still don't think it looks that great.  I'm not super interested in the whole Heaven and Hell fiction to begin with though.
Posted by GrumpyTheDorf

Must. Have. Game.
Now i need to get some more money

Posted by Slickyz

First day buy for me.

Posted by Yummylee

Still comes 3rd behind God of War 3+Dante's inferno for my hack n slash adventure games, but still it looks like a game i'll get some enjoyment out of of.
Posted by RsistncE

So much potential. Let's hope it turns out as awesome as it looks.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles
@Cheapoz said:
" @wrecks said:
" Anyone smell Legendary The Box? "
Oh is that what it is? "

Yep gotta be.
Posted by bybeach

If a bit heavy metal, it looks like it`s got some art to it. not my thing, i`m sure not mean`t for me(unless i buy it) But for a cirtain audience, looks competent. The angels have big boobs,  monsters don`t and are big/ugly etc.

Posted by cowdrunk

yep still looks cool
Posted by august

legacy of kain + god of war

Posted by Media_Master

Seems pretty good so far.

Posted by Milkman

Seems like there is a new trailer for this game every day.

Posted by Count_Elmdor

I think this looks awesome.  I'll be looking forward to hearing impressions, but I doubt it will be a game worthy of comparison to Bayonetta or GoW III.  

Posted by Palmlykta

Those glorious locks of white hair on the main character reminds me of Haldir. But I digress... the game looks ok but the 3rd person action genre feels kinda crowded these days.

Posted by Mistzero

the background looks sparse to me with minimal detail but the characters look good; gonna wait for the review first before purchase

Posted by Warchief

You got my world of warcraft in your god of war!

Posted by Slaneesh

This game screams out to me with sinsere feelings "I AM GENERIIIC"
Posted by tastyhouse

Dude you're supposed to be WAR - I mean WAR for crying out loud - why are you dwarfed by some crappy demon?  I was expecting a more badass character not a night elf who did P90X.

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This game continues to look just alright.

Posted by IClavdivs

This game is DARKSIDED!!!

Posted by jakob187

My buddy got an early copy of Darksiders.  I saw it in action.  I want this game BADLY!  

Posted by towly177

Looks cool

Posted by Shaanyboi

I'm.... not interested.
The entire concept just sounds like what you'd hear in a movie.  Like a character is describing a videogame, and it always sounds ridiculous and kinda dumb.  That's what this is.  Like... "YOU'RE THIS BETRAYED HORSEMAN OF THE APOCOLYPSE OUT FOR REVENGE AGAINST HELL AND HEAVEN!  AND THERE ARE THESE BIG DEMONS!  AND ZOMBIES!  AND CRAZY FINISHERS!" You get the idea....


Wow, looks a lot like some of the crazy dreams I have...