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Wait... what?

I seemed to have missed this earlier today...

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This was pretty funny to watch. Glad they put it up!

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There is a thread currently debating if drugs should be legal or not. This video clearly supports one side of that argument. ^^

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I have no idea what this is, but I want it inside my head now!

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I don't really understand what I'm watching.

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Shut it down, we've reached peak Giant Bomb.

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Sweet Bananarama.

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Home of professionalism, indeed. :P

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Is it just me or does the audio quality on this seem to be lower quality/bitrate than usual?

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All interviews should be conducted through Happy Action Theater from now on

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this may be the best thing uploaded on this site

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13:45 for rainbow streak Dave.

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They should just do a half an hour of that game one day for our viewing pleasure...

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About the whole back plate touch thing, Sony should have worked with these guys, who had a better idea to make it work right, back in 2007:

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I love Giantbomb so THIS much.

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super professional

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Where does his body end and where does it begin? When does life end and where does it... begin? Is the state of being constant by way of life? What does it mean to be alive? The Universe... we are it and it is us. Our limitation only exist in our minds, gentlemen. We need to take a stand. I need a towel.

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This is the best thing that has come out of the PlayStation Vita so far. This video basically encompasses everything that I love about GiantBomb.

Well, except Vinny. Even a moment of Vinny would have pushed it over the edge into godliness.

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I think I'm going to get a Vita now. I was trying to decide before, but the thought of all the PSP games that are available on PSN at launch seems great for someone like me that never had a PSP but saw some cool games they wanted to try. I'll probably pick one up if we have one at my work on launch day.

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what an awesome, stupid, awesome feature

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@umdesch4 said:

About the whole back plate touch thing, Sony should have worked with these guys, who had a better idea to make it work right, back in 2007:

Cool solution. Strap a giant ass webcam to the back of your Vita. From the makers of the Circle Pad Pro!

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Excellent video.

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All interviews on the site should be done in this manner from now on.

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@SlimJimm said:

All interviews should be conducted through Happy Action Theater from now on

This. So much.

Also I need that game.

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I think I like this. No, I love it. All "_____ Asks" and any other green screen things need to be done with Happy Action Theater.

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@Alex_Carrillo said:

Cool solution. Strap a giant ass webcam to the back of your Vita. From the makers of the Circle Pad Pro!

Yeah, except for the part where they said that was for the prototype only, and the real thing (if/when they ever got the funding) would use sensors inside the body of the device. Trivial to do these days, I bet. Mostly, I just thought the way they implemented the interaction was way cool. The sideways keyboard thing was brilliant, and their google maps navigation looked really slick. I'd buy the thing they were pitching in a heartbeat.

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Dave realizes that he can to go Union and Franklin from your guy's office and see a Vita at the PS Vita PR store thing.

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Get out of the jello STUPID!

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@Newten: I love how they dont even bat an eye that Dave is doing all sorts of crazy shit.

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It was a funyn video, but I'm pretty disappointed that even Brad, Patrick and Jeff combined has so little knowledge about the Vita hardware, software, capabilities and prices. It's one of the few cases where their "cover what we care about" philosophy has really hurt their coverage.

The free 8GB card only comes with the 3G model. 8GB memory cards are only $30. The PSP emulator allows remapping of controls to the second analog making Vita a preferred platform to play many of those games, even discounting the better screen and optional filtering. Games can be bought directly on the Vita, from a PS3 or through a PC. Games available will range from mostly touch driven titles like Escape Plan, to mostly button driven titles. Touch can be especially useful in creation focused games like Little Big Planet and Modnation Racers. The whole point of 3G is being connected to PSN where ever you go. No TV tuner, but it's getting Netflix and can stream any video or music from your PS3 via RemotePlay (even over the internet). Cameras are motion optimized for AR and will also work with Skype. Vita has a very nice Twitter client and can directly upload photos and screenshots. Back touch is useful for gestures that don't require precise placement. FIFA uses it to aim shots at a particular part of the goal. If you want to aim for the upper left corner you just touch the upper left corner of the back pad, etc.

Those are some real answers to Dave's questions, just off the top of my head.

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My personal rules of console purchase are at least 1 price cut from initial release and at least 2 games I really want to play.

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So much casual misinformation. I love it. Poor Dave came out more confused than before this "Q&A" though.

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Double Fine Happy Action Theater is like a Vinny simulator.

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Pretty awesome. You guys might wanna try labeling these as "Video Feature: " or something. Just 'cause I almost missed this, thinking it was a game trailer... which I don't tend to watch. I donno, that's just my opinon; I'm no web scientist.

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PlayStation Vita "Spread your Seed" edition

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Anything with Dave in it is awesome!

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I just totally cracked up at Frozen Dave.

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The Vita is a really slick device, I was quite impressed by the build/screen/visuals when I got some hands-on time at CES. What I was really disappointed with though was the UI. It looks like a kids toy with giant colorful buttons for everything. It just seemed so out of place for a company that designed the XMB. The XMB is quick and to the point, what more could you ask for out of a UI. There is just way too much going on in the UI for the Vita and I hope they make some changes to it or offer the ability to tweak it.

All that being said, I'm still interested in getting one. It's just a matter of when.

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"Why don't you instead play Uncharted Golden Abyss which is like Dexter, but with way more Murder."

I lost my shit over that.

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I think Dave should wait for the office to get a PSVITA and test it out there.

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They misinformed Dave so much about the First Edition bundle.. get a week early and you get a smaller card!

They forgot to mention, Little Deviants and a case.

In case you were lucky to pre-order at Best Buy like me you would also get free Uncharted.

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Love me some video Dave. So if AT&T; doesn't have service in your area, the 3G version is just kind of useless right? Any chance retailers will have any idea about that?

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@Newten said:

@SlimJimm said:

All interviews should be conducted through Happy Action Theater from now on

This. So much.

Also I need that game.

though you kinda just drown out everything in your own laughter once Dave goes from a serious question to "I'M IN JELLO!"


I totally lost it :D

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Here is a pro tip Dave: Jeff is totally going to get one, 1st day (or sooner). He will be done with it in 1 or 2 weeks. Then you can give it a real try and decide what to do.

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13:30 Daves crotch is a star

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More Dave please.