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For some reason Jaffe reminds me of a less funny Louie C.K.

Love the list btw very fresh

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I really enjoy Jaffe and it's rad of him to send in a video rather than just a list.

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That was an awesome ending.

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Oh man, his daughter is so adorable.

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30 Burps of Jaffe

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Never stop, Jaffe. Never stop.

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Man. When Ryan tweeted that he hadn't got anything from Jaffe, I was seriously disappointed. And this pops up and delivers in an awesome way.

Jaffe's one of those dudes I want to get drunk with and talk about games for hours.

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@galenblade said:

Jaffe's one of those dudes I want to get drunk with and talk about games for hours.

And the best thing is: I'm pretty sure he'd like to do that, too.

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Thanks good list.

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"I am 7!" I cracked up so hard.

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That ending was great. Thanks Jaffe.

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breaking news

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Laughed incredibly hard at "I am seven!"

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Yeah, the ending was great, and adorable. :D

Keep on keeping on, Jaffe.

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Add David Jaffe to the list of guys I want to hear talk about games for hours on end. Giantbomb needs more interaction with him. And that's a wonderful video to close out 2012 with!

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I love hearing from this guy

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His daughter is adorable.

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Thirty Flights of Loving bought !

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I love his admittance of just how busy he has been. No worries, Jaffe! Life happens, just make sure you're happy and that's all that is needed! Oh...additionally, I am twenty-six!

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This is the most appealing/ approachable I've ever seen Master Jaffe in any form. I'm quite sloshed, if that makes this opinion seem any less/more valuable. Haha :D

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Better late then never, that'd be cool if we got a video like this for special guests top 10. Really enjoyed it.

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Between his games, his opinion, and his children, Jaffe is all-encompassing awesome.

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Great video Mr Jaffe!

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God I want to read all of David Jaffe's dry erase board.

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you are awesome jaffe

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I knew this wasn't going to end without an appearance of Jaffe's adorable daughter.

One thing I love about David Jaffe is how incredibly spastic he is. It gives me hope as a fellow spaz that I may make a well loved game or two some time.

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That was one of the cutest things I've seen all year. Happy New Year Bombadiers.

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awesome! beautiful daughter.

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Great video.
I am 36.

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What a beautiful new year surprise!

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Can Time with Jaffe?

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Yay, the video finally works!

The mind of David Jaffe is extremely fascinating. Neurons are flying in this vid!

ADD all the way! lol

P.S. I loved the ending. "I am seven!" "This is breaking news". lol

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@warley said:

Great video. I am 36.

That's great! I am 23.

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Jaffe! Love the guy.

I played through Thirty Flights of Loving once and really enjoyed it, but I really feel like going through it a second time after hearing Jaffe talk about it.

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@SaturdayNightSpecials said:

How do they work?

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lol, that was cute. Looking into 30 flights of lving now...

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Wow, great ending haha

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Yaaaaay. David Jaffe is awesome.

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Thank god something personal and not the usual predictable goty type shit.

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Jaffe is overpowering. I feel exhausted after this video.

I love this man. Thank you for what you've done for gaming.

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@Whirblewind said:

Jaffe is overpowering. I feel exhausted after this video.

I love this man. Thank you for what you've done for gaming.

@Lelcar said:

you are awesome jaffe

@xobballox said:

Yaaaaay. David Jaffe is awesome.

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David Jaffe > Zodiac MFer

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Well that was god damn adorable.

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Love Jaffe, his attention is on great core gameplay mechanics which is the most important thing in games. 

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Fuck yea Lemonade Stand!

Also, completely agree on Mutant Blobs Attack. I haven't smiled that much when playing any other game in the past few months. Great game.