Posted by MikeyZeroG

So we can't be the DC heroes themselves -- we can only fight against or beside them, aye?

Posted by ZombiePie

Even though you can't play as the DC heroes, there are going to be a lot of lookalikes in this MMO.

Posted by chililili

Dig up the CES videos in Gametrailers, they look a whole lot better than this. They also show some character building things.

Posted by AvengerNinja

Looks interesting... might be the best the console MMO out there! (Like there's many!)

Posted by BiggerBomb

Poor production values + SOE + Cheesy narrator = Fail.

Posted by Richlough

That trailer was on PSN right after I think E3 .

Posted by Shadow

I am so sick of trailers doing that.  THE TIME HAS NOT COME, the damn thing doesn't release for a long ass time!

Posted by RVonE

Turning while flying looks dumb.

Posted by McQuinn

I don't really want to make a super hero.  I just want to be Bane and break some spines

Posted by killdave

SOE no thanks.

Posted by mubress

I don't think this trailer makes it look too great. Hopefully it'll be better than it looks.

Posted by Gregomasta

I rather play city of heros anyday.

Posted by JoelTGM

I'm looking forward to Champions Online, this one is just same old same old.  Also, the announcer sounds hilarious if you really listen to him.

Posted by MeatSim

I'm sure SOE will run this game into the ground like they did SW: Galaxies.

Posted by ScottEFresh

I'm not an MMO player and this actually looks good to me...

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN


For some reason that sounds vaguely familiar: I wonder why?

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Who are they heroing and villianing against? Just each other? Because I'm pretty sure I saw tumbleweeds blowing through those ghost towns.

Posted by MattOnTheSite

I got to say, I like the MK vs. DC character models a lot better than the ones I'm seeing here.
Except for Catwoman. MK's Catwoman was no good.

Posted by Media_Master

it be better to be the heroes and villians

Posted by giyanks22

The animations look crappy... the announcer was gay as fuck...They should've played music from the Dark Knight...and


Posted by darkspirit138

I hope Sony delivers with this game, cause the idea is pretty good.

Posted by BABS

When is this being released?

Posted by OpTicTactical

Is Riddler in it