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Posted by TMThomsen

I'm 80, damn age-gate.

Posted by PeteyCoco


Posted by Hakkayo


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@TMThomsen said:

" I'm 80, damn age-gate. "

Yep same here. I've served in many wars you know. And covered them too.
Posted by ZmillA

awesome!!!! I just wish they kept the little pause that happened when you hit a guy with a melee weapon

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These physics are so dated, they remind me of the young GTA series with the spiralling fall... 
GTA 4 style physics should be used!!

Posted by TwoLines
@PeteyCoco said:
Let's put a chainsaw.. on a chainsaw.
Posted by NathHaw

Can't wait.  Gonna miss the camera if it's gone like I've heard.  Hope the escort missions are better if there.

Posted by dEFaNkT

is there a plot?

Posted by Shibbles
@TwoLines said:
" @PeteyCoco said:
Let's put a chainsaw.. on a chainsaw. "
That's lame. We need to put a chainsaw on a chainsaw on a chainsaw on a jetski.
Posted by Roomrunner

That one fat zombie walks like Ed pretending to be a zombie in Shaun of The Dead.

Posted by Cheapoz

Was this supposed to be a proper trailer? Or a fever-dream of gameplay clips?

Posted by bonbolapti

where is the dude's voice?

Posted by mikeeegeee
@adoggz: Fractal saw?
Posted by dvorak

While I am still very excited to play this game, this was a terribly edited trailer. 

Posted by TurboNinjaPanda

Looks cool, but I'm feeling a little zombie fatigue as of late.

Posted by Shifty_Mcfly

Game looks cool but that was a ghetto ass trailer.

Posted by Stinky51012

looks just as horrible to play as the first one. brb capcom controls

Posted by wrecks

That's a trailer?

Posted by raikoh05

doesnt looks or sound like direct feed :(

Posted by Hector

I'm saying now that I'm gonna pass on this but I know it will be in my house one way or another. Rental or Buy.

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So.... did somebody forget to put this through post processing? Why was there no music, or voice, or even giant flying text?
And making it cut to black every time he hits a zombie doesn't make it looks cooler. 
God damn that was terrible. I'm not commenting on the gameplay, mind you. Just this trailer.
Also, can he have any expression on that "I don't like that I'm here, and I'm pretty angry"? Christ.

Posted by Moztacular

why does the guy look so constipated? horrible trailer, still cant wait for the game though

Posted by twillfast

Maan, zombies are so 1968.

Posted by berva

shocking trailer, looks too much like the first game, loosing interest fast.

Posted by sdnewman

Dude definitely looks slightly aroused by the sight of double-dong chainsaws... but I guess I can't blame him

Posted by Systech

I love how fucking stupid he looks when he barges through that door.

Posted by MarkWahlberg

No chainsaw nunchuks? Not interested.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

I'm going to replace my knee caps and elbows with chainsaws.  Seems like a good idea.
Anyways, trailer was the worst thing in the damn world.  Still kind of looking forward to the game, hopefully the controls are better than the first.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Anything ductaped to Chainsaws is inherently better.

Posted by InFamous91

That chainsaw motorcycle is insane

Posted by Shadow

I'm holding out for chainsaws taped to a soccer ball

Posted by Daftasabat

That looked so dated...can't wait for the PS2 version :)

Posted by Wildfire570

Hey why not just put chainsaws on the moosehead while we're at it?!

Posted by nrain

If you want a lesson on how to make a bad trailer then this is it.

Posted by xFRIGx

I am slowly starting to not care, until this trailer I just watched, I forgot about the game in general.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Triple H them Zombies!
I appreciate off beat trailers like these. I always do.

Posted by S0ndor

It looks like they paid a bum 5 bucks and a bottle of scotch to edit this "trailer".

Posted by ShooterJoseph

Looks good! ^_^

Posted by TomA

The graphics are terrible! It looks like a freakin Wii game.

Posted by HatKing

Cool, Capcom continuing to not make any strides toward convincing me to play one of their games.
Posted by Brackynews

I am very glad they have another six months to work on this game.

Posted by GioVANNI

Dude, this looks awesome.

Posted by Milkman

Shitty trailer. Still remaining optimistic about the game though.

Posted by takua108

Gotta say, I am not a big fan of the grungy black stuff around the HUD elements. Eww. I loved how the first game had such a clean and concise HUD, just showing your your health, weapon, and "XXXX KILLED." The new HUD looks great, except for that ugly, ugly black stuff behind it. Also, the kill counter needs to be down in the corner more. 
...And I'm the guy who always says to himself "god, why do people post stuff like this on comments for videos, it's not like the devs read this or anything." But seriously, it bothers me :\

Posted by Detrian

Another shitty dead rising 2 trailer? Color me surprised.

Posted by Reverseface

Outrageous!! the wheelchair community won't stand for this!

Posted by lucas_kelly

That was a pretty crappy trailer.

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