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Posted by SamsDaddy010106

I really want to play this!

Posted by ElCapitan

Looks like it could be awesome

Posted by RobbieMac

Oh baby!  Looks so sexy.

Edited by OroJackson

More Dead Space = Awesome

Posted by ccm0628

So pumped for this!  I absolutely loved the first one.

Posted by MrCHUP0N

Silly old me has to still finish the first one.

Posted by SteveMason99

Looks sweet to be fair.
Posted by RE_Player1

got 100% in the first one can't wait for the second :)

Posted by EnduranceFun

Awesome trailer. Looks frantic.

Posted by Jeffk38uk

More Dead Space is always good, I can see the Roschache tests being a larger part of their advertising given all the teaser stuff did for months now.

Posted by lordofultima


Posted by MattiasHeisner

Intersting, gonna be fun to try this oute.

Posted by dmaul53854

Yayyy Dead Space

Posted by Faint

looking forward to this.

Posted by skrutop
@MrCHUP0N said:
" Silly old me has to still finish the first one. "
Shame, shame.
I'm stoked and can't wait to find out more!
Posted by HellBrendy

Meh. More action based survival horror is not what this world needs. 

Posted by SkipT

I feel like that's a pretty underwhelming trailer.

Posted by Juvenfly

Is Terrified.

Posted by Blazehero


Posted by logizomechanophobe
@HellBrendy said:
" Meh. More action based survival horror is not what this world needs.  "
Well, what do you think the world needs more of?  I surely hope it's not more pokemans.
Posted by mikbal

so space is still dead, but isaac is not. huh

Posted by Icemael

Eh... not really feeling the new suit. Too high-tech mecha-esque, what with the Transformer-like helmet and all.

Posted by ApolloBob

While I'm waiting around for the greedy and corrupt power structures across the globe to deliver the world what it needs, I might just have to enjoy myself some more action based survival horror.

Posted by lead_farmer


Posted by Midguy

Goddammit I want this game so bad.....

Posted by ZmillA

looks like a good evolution for the series, I'm confident they can make a good fiction

Posted by XxGUTBOMBxX

As an old school fan of games like System shock 2, this game really grabbed me last year. As long as the designers do not make Isaac too powerful , keeping the sense of possible death around every corner that makes this game (and genre) so appealing for myself.
Posted by Whiskey

so frickin pumped for this...
First they send out that sick ink-blot,
and now a crazy trailer......gonna be one hell of a sequel it looks like

Posted by weegieanawrench

Yes! I knew it was coming but now it's official. Cool new armour too. Can't wait to play this.

Posted by iizcallum

I'm calling it; Game of the Year '11 :P

Posted by fox01313

Hrm, really liked the first one yet not sure what directions they can go on this without just rehashing the first game all over again unless it's like some Aliens thing where he's forced to go help a team investigate the ship/planet.

Posted by Goblin

Nice. Makes me think of the treatment of the crazy people at the colony in the comics.  

I want more Dead Space, but not necessarily more Isaac... I'd rather see more of Sgt. Neumann and what was going on before the planet crack.

Posted by armaan8014

Isaac is alive?
And is it coming for the PC or is it not?

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

Yes! Fuck YES!

Posted by blacklab

Dead Space 2: Deader

Posted by twhalen

That trailer fulfilled its purpose, as I now really want this. Well, regardless of any trailer, I could go for some more Dead Space.

Posted by White_Silhouette

Dead Space was awesome. Hope Dead Space 2 is at least just as awesome. But sure they will raise the bar.

Posted by Tebbit

Goddamn awesome.

Posted by floodiastus

Everything deadspace is awesome, but the sound is total shit here. Never heard such overcompressed crap in my lifetime. OMG!

Posted by RazeEverything

I just beat the first game last night and woke up to this. Awesome.

Posted by Atlus_Dragoon

I didn't play the first game, but I've always been interested in it.  This trailer sparks more interest.

Posted by RobotHamster

YESSSSS!!!!!! I just jizzed everywhere!

Posted by SenatorSpacer

Fuck yeah, I'm so fuckin' pumped for this game!

Posted by SquadBroken
@Icemael: Don't like the helmet either.  The first game had a grimy mining aesthetic, it would be wrong to give Isaac a high tech makeover.  Maybe they're trying to ward off Capcom's Vanquish.
They shouldn't have shown his face either.  Big mistake.
Posted by EdwardHyena
Whoa. I'm excited for this game even more. It looks like the story will just get more intense.
Posted by BigChief

Man, why must they tease us like that? Now I'm all hyped, and it's probably still a year or so out.

Posted by Lydian_Sel
@blacklab said:
" Dead Space 2: Deader "
Is it going to be Deader or Deadier than the first game?
Posted by Majkiboy

moar dead!

Posted by Valiom

was that Jim Raynor I heard at the end? :O

Posted by big_jon

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