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edit: finally that stupid quest is over :) 
Will definitely be playing this game!

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creepy, really looking forward to it!
Edit: @RWL_MU_OSU:  Ugh, I was wondering why the quest didn't pop up, then I hit refresh and saw that you beat me by a fraction, HA, oh well.

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Isaac startled the witch.

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Wait, it's not an FPS?  Wasn't the first game?

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@radioactivez0r: No, it's a TPS (as was the first game).
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@radioactivez0r: Dead Space Extraction was an on-rails FPS.
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!st game was so much fun and creepy! Can't wait for this one.

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I have it when Horror games/movies do a lullaby for their trailers its really stupid, putting that aside great trailer. I really want to play that game. 

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I can't wait for this to come out!! The first was one of my favorite games this gen.

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At around 1:10, can that be Isaacs girlfriend?

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I want this game right fucking now

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Reminds me of Silent Hill..
That's a good thing.

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When I heard it was horror game footage to a nursery rhyme I thought I knew what to expect.  But wow, having it purposefully sung slightly off key really made it that much more spooky.

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The environments don't look good in this game.  I'm still holding out hope though that it'll be good.

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Holy shit. Watching this with a good pair of headphones is intense. And that's coming from someone who didn't so much as flinch at the first game.    

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definitely looking forward to this

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"what do you supposey?"

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I found the first Dead Space lullaby to have more of a disturbing impact, but this one was still pretty creepy.

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Hahah that song wasn't creepy it was funny as hell. Completely ruined an otherwise good trailer.

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That lullaby wouldn't put anyone to sleep.

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I cant wait for this game played the first one several times and now this one...I just hope Issac speaking does not kill it any

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@warmonked said:
" "what do you supposey?" "
"What do you suppose we.." 
A lyrical trick to rhyme half a sentence due to syllable count, and finish the other half of the sentence in the next bar.
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that was good. but not as good as the twinkle twinkle little star trailer from the first game. that one was just damn creepy.