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well now.

Posted by SSully

This is actually a nice surprise. The art style is really nice looking. We will see how the actual game is.

Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n

I love me some rayman..... mmmmmmmmm....

Posted by Origina1Penguin

I expected more creativity than one death animation, but it is still a great looking game.

Posted by Wes899

So nice

Posted by codynewill

I'm so excited to play this co-op!

Posted by gunslingerNZ

I've been incredibly excited for this ever since the E3 trailer. Might wait a while before I pick it up though, there's just way too many quality games right now for me to play through even half of them.

Posted by jozzy

Wow, this game looks amazing!

Posted by Parsnip

Sprites have never looked so good.

Posted by cowdrunk

To quote Patric k. "That looks terrifying!"

Posted by Little_Socrates

Still looks like the most joyful game of the month. Even if it's not "the best," it'll make me the happiest, and that's what really counts, right?

Posted by Taiyo

Raymen are balloons?

Posted by bybeach

Oh wow, a Dark souls game I really do want to play, with great music to boot....

Well you die a lot!

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This video seems like a great way to ease into the death conversation with kids.

Posted by Eyz

This is looking so fantastic!! Ill take 10 more of that over any more Unreal Engine-based gritty "next gen" titles :P

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

I am so stoked for this game, the original Rayman is one of my favourite games.

Posted by phrosnite

Day one purchase.

Posted by SuperSambo

Ermmm... This put me off the game. Why release a video of the most frustrating part of any game?

Posted by Toms115

i luv u rayman

Posted by nick_verissimo

Was I the only one who thought this was a XBLA/ PSN release? I was totally excited to drop 15 bucks, but full retail? I might have to pass for now.

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Why am I such a sucker for Ukulele's or little mexican guitars..?

Posted by HHAP

prepare to die...

Posted by csl316

I'm prepared to die.  Are you?

Posted by lokey013

I also expected the death animations to be better....or more varied at least.....still looks fun though =P

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Well that looks like several horrible painful deaths.

Posted by testkani233

this is not safe for kids at all not funny