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This is sweet.

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Looking forward to this.

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this game is gonna be amazing!!!!!!!!

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"What a terrible world we live in when ninjitsu can't solve our problems."

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Loving the short description of DeathSpank. Maybe the only written joke that has ever made me laugh.
Posted by SpheriQ

The game looks good, but I can't shake Deathspank's Captain Qwark voice.

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Reuse of some humor kinda unstokes me for the game.

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This game is starting to bum me out.
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Next week!?  Bought.

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Jokes on top of jokes on top of jokes.

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Trying way too hard.

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... Only known as The Artifact...

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@SpheriQ said:
" The game looks good, but I can't shake Deathspank's Captain Qwark voice. "
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um, no

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Looks pretty damn neat

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I'm sure it'll be good, just the art style and gameplay look like its just not for me.

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Can't say I'm a fan of the art style.

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I saw bacon! I am in.

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For the love of god, Brutal Legend must have a better story then this.

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I'm interested because I like action RPGs, but the tepid humor and deliberately ugly art is kind of a turn-off.