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Just so everyone knows, I already had this quest.

Posted by Zanny

I feel like they were trying to hard with the soundtrack for the trailer maybe. Dunno, something more traditional Japanese would have fitted better with the theme of the game.

I'm kind of interested though.

Posted by kollay

Dude waking up: "Uwahh! Ugh... awaughh erghuh!"

Groans confirmed.

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shinobi do what?

looks a lot like tenchu. I wonder if the same guys are working on this

Posted by Ronald

I guess the Vita is mid-late PlayStation 2 graphics as opposed to PSP's early look. Or this was a PSP game originally.

Posted by TheSpoonyBard

@Ronald: It's also an early Vita game. Launch games are never the nicest looking things.

Posted by kingzetta

fuck I want a vita now

Posted by jorbear

I can't quite put my finger on it, but something about bad lip-syncing on Japanese games makes me want to play the game even more.

Posted by Mnemoidian

Anyone else feel very reminded of Tenchu Z by this? Not just gameplay, even animations and textures...

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Aw, for a second I thought this was a Rising Zan sequel. Disappointed.

And as for the Tenchu comparisons: this is by the same developer that made the original Tenchu and its expansions, as well the most recent main series game on the Wii.

Posted by Hagane

Looks like they didn't change much from the first game, wich is a good thing for me. I just hope they fixed some of the bugs with the cutscenes.

Posted by Mnemoidian

@MattClassic: Ah, that makes sense, I guess. Thanks.

I was mistakenly looking at publishers, not developers. /facepalm.

Posted by Mikey2D

That game sure was ugly :/

Posted by mrhollender

How am I supposed to play this PS2 game, I got rid of mine years ago //sarcasm

Also, where the spork is the next Onimusha game?

Posted by HeavyDuty32

Damn, never heard of this franchise, for some reason thought it was a sequel to Rising Zan when I saw it on the front page. Oh well, excited for no reason.

Posted by Goblin

"Way of the ninja", eh? I assume this is a ninja spinoff of the Way of the Samurai games, then. Seems weird that they would put that out here now (with horrible english voice-over, no less) when Acquire have been looking for a EU/NA publisher for Way of the Samurai 4 for almost 2 years now...

I know I would rather get that (out of a bargain bin) for my PS3 than play a similar game on a handheld.

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I guess the Vita is mid-late PlayStation 2 graphics as opposed to PSP's early look. Or this was a PSP game originally.

The team is really small with a limited budget. Not everyone has the cash to make an amazing looking game.
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Was just about to say that this game looked promising until I saw the VITA thing at the end. Was hoping it was a budget ps3/360 game. Oh well.

Posted by MeatSim

It's my first time even hearing of this franchise.