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While kinda generic, that still looks hella good (graphically) for a DS game.

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Peggy, 18?

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Wow. What a beautifully eerie trailer.

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@drew327:  It's the European version of the ESRB
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guessing the tv in his neck/chest was showing scenes from the last game?

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@MarkWahlberg said:
" guessing the tv in his neck/chest was showing scenes from the last game? "
we can only hope 
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willy um

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Dude, and this is a DS game?  Wow. 
This trailer is great, really presents the game's atmosphere in a pretty scary fashion.  Whether the final game will be any good or not is another question, but at least this was pretty interesting.

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how can you be scared of a game on a 2 by 4 inch screen?

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hello Mr. Freeman... I mean... William 
Rise and shine Mr. Freeman... I mean... Good morning William
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The creepy voice guy seemed really indecisive about everything.

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good classical music in the background...

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Oooo, they broke apart a DSi XL and sowed it into that guy's neck and chest.  Creepy.  I wonder where they put all the buttons.

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What's with the tarded spelling? "no body"? "your-self"?
I can excuse the first one for trying to sound morbid, but the second is wrong. I don't trust a horror title that doesn't use proper spelling.

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A sequel to one of the few worth while shooters ever made for the DS and this looks damn good.  Seriously those graphics are impressive for the DS and the enemy design looks classic N64 era, which is great.  If I still had a DS this would be at the top of my must have list.
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The best survival horror is psychological, not just bloody.  You need to present the fear of unseen and barely manageable danger, not just a gross area of meat.  More Silent Hill 2 and less Silent Hill 4.

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remember being interested in the first one and hearing mixed things, never got a chance to try it. Who knows, maybe I'll give this one a guy at some point.

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I never tried it, but i remember some good things about the last game, technically. Gameplay wise, and storywise, no idea. 
Remember it having some crazy framrates, and looking fairly good. Think it was 60fps or something, with the graphics seen above. That's pretty crazy on a DS.
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@drew327: peggy's legal now.
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holy, that seems scary!

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@Linkyshinks said:
" I recognize that voice well, It's Jool's voice!, the games designer...     
So that's Jamie Oliver's wife...
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Hey, this is pretty good for a DS game.

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That guy's got build TV's!

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I really didn't like the first game, but at least in this one I get TV titties!

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nicely done trailer.

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That voice-over guy was kinda bad.

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@Seedofpower said:
" how can you be scared of a game on a 2 by 4 inch screen? "
Headphones, got the hell scared out of me in the first game....
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The sequel to Deadly Premonition right here.