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@vextroid: I definitely agree. A Metal Gear Drew feature where @danryckert watches @drewbert play through all significant Metal Gear Solid games would be amazing.

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I still have this disc. The MGS demo from Pizza Hut was pretty great. I feel like there was a way to get the Nikita with infinite ammo in that demo or something. I have almost all the OPM discs. Great time to be a gamer.

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The Dan Cam is real

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I hope they do a MGS endurance run with Drew playing and Dan filling him in on all the lore

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Dan is so giddy about MGS, and I don't blame him, I had the same reactions when I first played it. Even to this day I feel that MGS1 has the best writing and VO of the series.

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Weird hearing @danryckert talk about DKC. The new ones are okay, but feel floaty and imprecise to me in a way that the originals never did - which is why he claimed to not like the originals. Also they still absolutely hold up, no idea what he is talking about on that one. Oh right, it's Dan.

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I feel a little bad that Dan was ruining so many of MGS plot twists to Drew, I mean if he intends to play it at all it kinda sucks to just tell him every major plot point.

I guess it doesn't matter really, but if i was curious about getting into something I wouldn't want to then be told everything about it.

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My brain began to melt from the blast of memories that hit me from that opening... "cinematic?" And within 5 minutes I had my hand on the 4 ps1 demo discs I have. Including another Pizza Hut one. I'd send it in for the series, but it brings me too much joy to have it remain in it's shitty cardboard sleeve in my library.

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@danryckert The True Crime series and LA Noire had warning shots as a mechanic, and I think Sleeping Dogs did once you finally got the gun, if you weren't aiming down the sights he would just pop one off in the air, but I'm not sure about that.

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Dan and Drew - MGS ER.

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Wow, Dan does a solid Snake impression.

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It took me a little while to warm to the new employees, not because they were bad just because something I loved changed, but I really like Jason and Dan I think they're really refreshing and bringing something awesome to the sight.

Really excited about this new series.

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First, I loved these old demo discs for the PlayStation. I never had an original PSone but one of my friends did and he had a handful of these discs. It was so much fun to mess around with tons of different games we were never going to own. It's great to see these getting video representation now.

Second, I really need to make a detailed video or blog post about Donkey Kong Country, because Patrick and Dan keep voicing this heresy (heresy I say!) that the new DKC games are objectively better games than the SNES originals. The original 1994 Donkey Kong Country is not much of a platformer, especially now. I'll give you that. It hasn't aged gracefully and controls in that game were kind of wonky. However, I would place both DKC2 and 3 above Super Mario World in every possible aspect and among the greatest platformers of all time. They control as smooth as butter and are chock full of fun secrets, hidden levels, clever twists and boss fights, and fantastic music. They are full of charm and humor and are simply delightful games to this day. The graphics have not aged well at all, but they are just as playable now as they were then.

The new games are lots of fun, don't get me wrong. I've gotten 100% in the new Tropical Freeze game and had a lot of fun with it. It definitely controls better than the kind of crummy Wii controls in Returns. But still, the bonus levels are bland and uninteresting, the boss fights are cheap and overly long, and the changes they made to the controls from the old games actually make them less smooth an experience overall (i.e. not seamlessly picking up barrels while running, awkward pauses in rolling animations, floaty imprecise jumps, etc.)

I have played Donkey Kong Country 2 in the last week and compared it side by side with the new games, and the old games control better and are more creative, polished, and original platformers all over. Both of Retro's games are lots of fun, but are complete throwbacks that rely on nostalgia for primarily the first Donkey Kong Country game. They just aren't as good. Even the vast majority of the music is straight-up remixes of old tracks, rather than new songs.

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Fuck, man. Medievil is on this thing? That game is fucking excellent.

EDIT: I don't think I'll ever understand how people don't think MGS1 doesn't hold up. It's still one of my top 5 games of all time. I legitimately think it plays the best out of any MGS game.

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Not to get too internet about it, but this might be the greatest feature in the history of Giant Bomb. God bless you Dan Rykert!!!

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I remember Bandicoot 3 was kinda weird compared to 2 but I was so stoked on that game. 2 is still probably the best Bandicoot game.

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I'm definitely one of the people who got burned by the early, custom Blockbuster case for MGS. Painstakingly trying each frequency possibility got old, quick.

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That word when people talk about how good/bad/whatever games are; I think people just use it as a way to state how much they personally like something instead of it's actual meaning, and it really gets my goat.

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@nime said:

Weird hearing @danryckert talk about DKC. The new ones are okay, but feel floaty and imprecise to me in a way that the originals never did - which is why he claimed to not like the originals. Also they still absolutely hold up, no idea what he is talking about on that one. Oh right, it's Dan.

Disagree. DKC original feels really terrible, and the new ones are great.

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Oh, Bleedy Lasers. Those are the worst.

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I love this feature. This demo disc was my favorite, though I don't remember mine being Pizza Hut branded. I loved the MediEvi and Metal Gear Solid demos, and I remember the Tomb Raider one being goddamn unplayable.

Also, Dan and Drew need to play through the Metal Gear Series. It would be the greatest thing.

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Metal Gear Solid: Tactical Espionage Endurance Action

Kept you waiting, huh?

Put my money to good use here, please!

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I'm surprised that Dan didn't know about the voice actors using pseudonym's for the first MGS game.

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Nice to hear that somebody else hated the early Tomb Raider games as well.

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I'm of the opposite opinion to Dan on Tomb Raider, for the most part all of them were good except the latest game which is.... weird.

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Hell yeah MediEvil, I played that demo about 100 times.

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Wait, does this mean that Dan has a PS1 and PS2-backwards compatible PS3?! I'm freaking jealous if so.

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@vrikk: All PS3's will play PS1 games. It's just software emulation. PS2 required additional hardware they couldn't easily emulate, which is why it was eventually dropped.

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Dan says MGS hasn't aged well. I DISAGREE.

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That's not a demo disc, THIS is a demo disc:

I didn't know any English back then so I just learned the fish, I LEARNED THE FISH

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I always thought those old Tomb Raider games were bad too. Never got the love.

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Ha, I had this demo disk as well.

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@vrikk: It's the office. they have a ton of launch PS3s there. Hell, I had mine until about 6 months ago. Thousands of hours on that thing was probably too much.

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  • I remember playing that Tomb Raider demo and dying at the laser beams repeatedly. I enjoyed the previous games, but I definitely did not buy that one.
  • Medieval was great. I remember my friend loaning me the game to help him get through it and loving it.
  • MGS is one of the greatest games ever made and was a big turning point for video games in general. I spent months anticipating its release, reading about it in EGM before it came to the states. It also used the newly introduced PS analog controller with its rumble feature for interesting gameplay and dramatic effects. I'm not a nostalgiac person, but damn this gives me great memories. I'm really glad I got to experience that first hand as a young adult.
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Oh man that opening "do doo do doo do do" in Metal Gear Solid is so great. It's actually from the Policenauts soundtrack if anyone is curious.

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"Tomb Raider was basically shitty Zelda" - Dan

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@amiga1200: Psh, "full potential..." Drew hasn't even taken his limiters off yet.

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That Tomb Raider 3 demo was a terrible way to show off the game to people who are unfamiliar with it. I'd love to see them try an original Tomb Raider after playing through the obstacle course to get familiar with the way Tomb Raider works.

This is a great idea for a feature though.

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My reaction to the pizza advert...

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Dan, I beg of you... somehow convince Jeff to greenlight a complete MGS endurance run/longplay. It would be... well, I think you know how great that would be.

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this video, alone, has made my august, thank you dan and drew

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This is great, keep it coming!

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Holy shit, so much nostalgia here. I had a at least one of these Pizza Hut demo discs. I remember having one with Tomb Raider 2, Intelligence Cube, Parrapa, and some other shit on it that I would play all the time. I had a pretty large collection of demo discs overall.

Also, Medievil is a hell of a game. A HELL of a game.

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I really hope they break into the PS1 demo disc that came boxed with the original system - it had like Battle Arena Toshinden, Wipeout, Jumping Flash, Warhawk, that X-Games games, and a couple others I think all in it.

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I got rid of all my PS1 demo discs except for the OPM one that had 'Ico' on it, since that demo featured a different layout/solution to the windmill puzzle.

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One thing I like about having Dan on Giant Bomb is it's nice having someone on the site who genuinely appreciates Metal Gear Solid. I totally agree with him that it's the greatest video game series ever made.