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Mysterious premium content fresh at my door in 30 minutes.

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This sounds immensely promising!

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What's this?

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Dan and Drew Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, 3, 4, PW, GZ Endurance Run confirmed!

Man, I wish.

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But what if Dan and Drew did a Metal Gear Solid playthrough?

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I love you Dan...Fortesque.

Ryckert isn't so bad either.

I hope MediEvil gets a good reboot on PS4, the first two games on PS were great. The PSP port was pretty crappy.

Man, I need to buy an old PS and play these and the old Medal of Honor ones.

Thanks guys for a great trip down memory card lane.

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If you're taking donations, I have a half-dozen or so Famitsu Wave demo discs.

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Me getting the first comment: proof that Giant Bomb fans are all lazy slackers that don't get up before 10 AM (except me of course!).

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Great idea for a feature!

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This is a brilliant idea for a running feature

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Awesome idea can't wait to see more demo derby

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Great new feature. Demo discs definitely got a lot of use in my house.

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Woah woah woah, what is this!

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This is great!

Remember when you bought magazines based on the demo floppies stuck to them?

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Dan explaining the Metal gear lore was great. I would watch a series of Dan going through the metal gear games.

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Pfft. Those early Tomb Raider games are alright.. Well the first one is. Yeah the combat is garbage, but still.

Also I can't believe I let Medieval pass back in the day. I should have played it. It looks alright.

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WHAT!? The one with Sled Storm was awesome!

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Oh, lord... yes.

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Dan & Drew combo is super good.

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Testing for bugs.

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Testing again for bugs.

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"It broke into little pizza shapes! Also known as triangles"

Dan is a national treasure. And DanDrew is a great combo.

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Drew and Dan fucking shit up at GiantBomb!

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What could this be?

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playstation magazine demo-discs was great I spend hours on the Metal gear demo.

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i... what? Yes.

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Dan and Drew, Metal Gear Solid endurance run. Lets do it. My god that demo brought back a ton of memories. So good.

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I def. remember this!

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I didn't know Lara Croft and Kris Kross had so much in common.

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I've never gotten this quest before.

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This is a great idea for a feature. Hilarious that no one had figured out how to do 3rd person on a controller yet. I didn't know you can just drop a PS1 disc in a PS3 like that, is that supported in all PS3 versions?

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I couldn't be more excited for this series! Great premium content idea.

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Pizza demo! \o/

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Great feature !!!!

I was in a similar situation to dan growing up and played a hell of a lot of demo disks. I am getting serious flashbacks.

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What is this, I don't even.

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I still have old PC and, yes, Playstation demo discs (despite never having owned a Playstation console besides the PSP)! Someday I have to go back and do the same.

I remember being waaaaaay into watching a video strategy guide for Starfox 64.It was like playing the game, because I wanted to but never owned that console... :(

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Exciting new feature!

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Hell Yeah!

Team Drew & Dan are quickly becoming one of my favorites.


Also, I love that this random demo disc has way more interesting games than all the times the crew have done PS1 gaming sessions.

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O man, nostalgia.

Thanks for the great idea guys! Loved it.

Got a feeling this is going to be one of my favorite series.

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This is a really cool feature and I'm looking forward to more, demo disks were such a weird thing. Dan's idea of him watching Drew play through all the Metal Gear games sounds like a great feature too...