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So you're actually calling the original Tomb Raider "horseshit"? Dan, are you trolling again?

I seem to remember that the first and second TR was pretty great and then it went rapidly downhill until the new game came out.

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@drewbert "Metal Gear" has been retconned in fiction to be the "metal gear" between infantry and artillery. The reason being that it combines the firepower of artillery with the mobility of of infantry.

Keep in mind, that was in MGS3, and it was a drunken Russian scientist who said it in the game, so I think even within fiction, they are aware that it's a little silly.

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MGS Endurance Run!

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I remember playing the shit out of the Tony Hawk demo I got from Pizza Hut.

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Caution: Major Metal Gear Solid spoilers. And I mean, major.

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woohooo - old demos

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This was a great video! I look forward to more in the series!

Also thanks for reminding me how terrible the original Tomb Raider games controlled. I remember being upset because I had a Saturn instead of a PS1 and Tomb Raider 2 didn't come out on Saturn. Now I realize I was spared.

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I played the shit out of that disc

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God, I remember these things. Dan waxing lyrical about Metal Gear Solid makes me want to give it another try, I was terrible at the gamecube remake.

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Miss the demo disc days.

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Would watch a Metal Gear series!

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I would watch a series of Dan explaining MGS to Drew...

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Man that's one hell of a demo disk.

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Sweet! =D

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Amazing intro!

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This is awesome. Hope Dan pulls out more Demo disks.

As for the fake name in MGS, it was a voice actors union thing. The VA's had to use pseudonyms.

ie: Sean Barker = David Hayter

Christopher Fritz = Christopher Randolph (Otacon).

Also maybe a feature were @danryckert watches @drewbert play through MGS 1 - 4?

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@danryckert I spent a lot of time with demo discs too. Start+Select used to reset a lot of those old demo discs and if you have any with the game thumbnails floating in individual squares you can usually hit the shoulder buttons to spin them around and find hidden codes.

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i had a mcdonalds demo disk which had vib rhythm on.

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yay iam first please do metal gear lore videos

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Okay. Real talk, Dan. You know that you want to do a MGS 1 endurance run and I know that I want you to do a MGS 1 endurance run. So make it happen. Thank you.

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Oh man, talk about memories.

Watching the Metal Gear part again I would also love to see a Dan/Drew Metal Gear Series Endurance Run.

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Demo disks contain some of my favorite game experiences.

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Oh the memories! Great video guys!

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There is really no option but to love Dan so much xD

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Loved this feature. Looking forward to the next installment!

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Love this so much. I've got a PS1 and GT1 and I only need a memory-card and I'll stream Gran Turismo no shame. 30fps but a damned fine game, aged very well. I hope to unlock the 60fps arcade mode special this time around.

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"It seems a bit ahead of its time" That basically sums up Gran Turismo 1

There had been NOTHING like it! Nothing but Ridge Racer and Kart racers.

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I guess i am mad @danryckert still think the original DK country is better then the new one's.

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Well, now I have to go play MGS again...

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It hurts my fingers just watching Dan trying to play Tomb Raider

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Dan and Drew for best team.

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The Medieval games were awesome. I really wish they'd remake them or put a new one out as a PSN title.

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Funny you should mention wanting to watch @drewbert play through the MGS series while commentating on it, @danryckert. See, there's this thing we like to do here on Giant Bomb called an Endurance Run...

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Man, Metal Gear really is the best, craziest most insane series of all time.

Can't wait for The Phantom Pain.

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This is great! Good times!

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I used to get the danish official playstation magazine, which always included a demo disc. So I remember playing a ton of demo disc back in the days. Now I feel bad for throwing most of them out.

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Premium: Metal Gear Drew Featuring Dan Cam coming up? Drew playing through the games with Dan trying to explain stuff?

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Great feature! I used to play the hell out of some demo discs!

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We need a Dan and Drew MGS franchise endurance run!!!!!!!!

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All discs should come with pizza.

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If there's a Domino's Demo Disc, Jeff's mind will be blown.

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I would love to watch Drew play Metal Gear Solid for the first time and see his reactions to all the crazy.

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