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I remember the demo disk that came with the UK PS1. Some great stuff on there: I remember GT being great.

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Unfair to payor but not to payee. But you're gonna pay it, or else!

Or else Pizza is gonna send out for *you*!

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What is this?

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I want to play Metal Gear Solid all of a sudden.

This is a great new feature. Looking forward to more janky PS1 demo discs!

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So MGS Endurance Education Run incoming?

Certainly hope so as I entirely share the love for the series and this title in particular.

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Most of the voice actors were credited under pseudonyms since they did not know if the project was supported by the Screen Actors Guild.


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Used to love demo discs.

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I also learnt geometry through the wisdom of pizza.

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Dem graphics.....

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Pizza is my favourite shape. :)

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OPM Demo Discs!

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Man I miss demo discs.

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Metal Gear Solid is also my most striking/memorabe video game experience. It's probably the sole reason I went on to be the kind of person who would subscribe to a video game website.

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Man I played this demo disk so many times,

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A series where Dan and Drew play through the Metal Gear games would be pretty great.

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Bringing Dan on the team was one of the best decisions giantbomb could have ever made. Pairing him with Drew on videos is even better

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I don't know if I've seen anything cooler in videogames since the Mantis fight in MGS1. It's my second favorite game after FF7.

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Let's do this!

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Dan: Gee, I wonder if this is the same voice actor??

*talks through the entire codec section*

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Oh boy!

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Man i miss demo disks. I was so jealous of my friend that had a subscription to the official xbox magazine which came with a demo every month. My stupid PS2 magazine didn't come with shit.

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A series where Drew plays the MGS series and Dan walks him through it would be awesome!

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spoilers, am i right?

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Time for Dan and Drew to run through the Metal Gear series.

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This was a joy to watch! I had the same demo disc and must've played the MGS demo through dozens of times as well.

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Oh demo discs... I miss you desperately.

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Of course Dan hated the old Tomb Raider games. Real shocker. Also, I love the boob anecdote.

Anyways pretty cool idea for a video series, keep 'em coming, Dan.

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I would like to see Team Double D conquer the entirety of Metal Gear Solid!

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This is fantastic. Love the quantities of Premium Content that have been hitting the site these days!

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This looks interesting.

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Not even 4 minutes into the video and we've already got some awesome Ryckert quotes.

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Fuck ya.

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I remember playing this demo disc for hours when it first came out

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I really like / appreciate Dan's honesty and willingness to tell about his past. But there is a difference between a 12 year old boy ogling a computer lady and a 25 year old wanting to eat eggshells. First one would be considered normal, second one would be considered.... "special"?


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Already agree with Dan on one thing, the old Tomb Raider games were HORRIBLE (were only good for the mansion and locking your butler into a freezer). The last 2 Tomb Raider games (reboot and dungeon crawler) are great.

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downloading now, what could it possibly be?

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I loved Demo Discs back in the PS1 days. Spent ages playing the likes of Tekken 3 (which I later bought) and Kula World on the ones that came with my PS1. They were a wonderful portal to the variety of games out there at a time when comprehensive coverage of all games was slightly harder to come by.

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I hope Dan can find more than the 8 demo CDs. This series idea is gold!

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Oh the days of demo discs.

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Premium Content is back! Love this idea. Keep it up Dan.

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This series seems like it's going to be incrrrrredible