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Posted by TheJappernaut

Cool beans.

Posted by LJO1989


Posted by steelknight2000

Hey...that's not Dante!

Posted by Liquidus

After watching this, I have no clue why the Devil May Cry name is on this game.

Posted by joachimo

Nice i guess

Posted by buzz_killington

Looks ace. And common guys, give the game a chance. Only because they're doing something different with the character design doesn't mean it's gonna be a bad game.

Posted by Sackmanjones

Looks fine to me. Stop whining about change

Edited by Cynical_Gamer

So Dante is now Taylore Lautner? Game developers are targeting the wrong audiences this gen.

Posted by Soulblitz

You know what? That combat looked pretty great.

Posted by MeatSim

Clowns should learn how to juggle like that.

Edited by Rodin

This looks the same as the other DMC games, just with an arguably worse coat of paint

Posted by Ghostiet

Gameplay-wise it looks okay in the trailer, but fuck me, that design still screams "TOTALLY RADICAL".

Posted by VicRattlehead

seems Dante has gotten a slight redesign, i thought NT didn't care what the fans thought?

Posted by lokey013

I was worried it'd look like Bantha Pudu....but it actually looks pretty good....quite excited for it really.....ermm yay!!
Posted by I_smell

Oh, they used the same combos? Weird, ok. Not super interesting..

Posted by ApexDefect

Besides character redesign the only real changes I notice are larger settings, not large environment in which you fight on a tiny platform, and it looks like the sword swings have a bit more weight to them in the animation. May try this out, might be a rental for me.

Posted by Aarny91

Looks way too slow.

Posted by MisterMouse

looks... fine.

Posted by J12088

Don't know what but visually theres something I don't like about this game. And I'm not talking about the fact Dante looks different. Just....i don't know. The game looks ugly i think.

Posted by mrcraggle

@steelknight2000: Totally Dante at 00:36

Posted by Tesla

Regardless of how this reboot turns out, it can't be any worse than the direction the series was going. Besides 1 and 3 were awesome, 2 and 4 not so much. All signs point to a good game.

Posted by smitty86

21 comments and not one Run DMC joke? I guess I expected too much.

Posted by csl316

Heavenly Sword had fancy combat, and Enslaved had pretty fun combat.

Hopefully this can find a good middle ground!

Posted by Enigma777

Fuck you Capcom! And fuck you Ninja Theory! And FUCK THIS GAME!

Posted by the_Hollow

Redesigned 3rd time and still looks fucking horrible.DINO.
I hope Bayo 2 is not just a rumor...

Posted by AuthenticM

Anyone notice how his hair is less emo than when first revealed? I guess they picked up on people noticing how Dante looked a lot like the game's designer.

Posted by chickdigger802

where's the voice acting, wheres the trademark horrendous butt rock?

Posted by altairre

I was not a fan of the redesign but man, this looks effing DOPE.  Really dig the style and how the combat looks.

Posted by zombie2011

Looks cool, but i don't wanna play these kinds of games anymore. 
The only game i enjoyed of this genre was Dante's Inferno and thats only because i loved the setting.

Posted by jorbear

I'm gonna slit my wrists now.

Posted by Anjon

I don't understand. I was under the impression that the reason Capcom gave up on DMC and handed it to Ninja Theory for "rebooting" was because of the existence of Bayonetta. Bayonetta did everything DMC did, but much better and crazier. It basically made Devil May Cry obsolete. Now, despite the "This is a reboot" spiel from a few months ago, they're showing gameplay that looks identical to the way Devil May Cry originally played. Specifically, it looks more like Devil May Cry 2, but whatever.

If they weren't trying to reinvent themselves in the faces of more evolved character action games like God of War, Bayonetta, and Ninja Gaiden, what was the point of starting a remake? It's not like they're pandering to the diehard DMC fans.

Posted by ProfessorEss
@pyromaster222 said:
looks... fine.
That pretty much sums up the whole franchise for me.
Posted by Yummylee

Wow, that definitely at least looks like how a DMC game should play. I'm definitely more optimistic after seeing some of the possible combos. 
It does look a little automated, though, like with some attacks that appear as if they were initiated with a single button combination, yet carried an entire combo; attacks from the scythe in particular.

Posted by Nightfang

Dante isn't play no games!

Posted by nomorehalfmeasuresdoctor

If they didn't want to do any more actual Devil May Cry games then they should have just let the series end. Instead they took the series outside of an internal Capcom studio gave it to Ninja Theory and slapped DMC on there for brand appeal and nostalgia. Maybe the game will be good for what it is but just like how I will never accept Max Payne 3 as a true sequel to the Max Payne series this will never be a true Devil May Cry game.

ps. Fuck reboots, especially for a character as iconic as Dante. Come up with new stories and new characters.

Posted by Hagane

Looks like DMC4... minus the cool main character.

Posted by kollay

They should switch out Dante in UMVC3 with this guy.

Posted by phantomzxro

I'm not trying to hate on this game but even judging the game on it's own merits it's still looking a little dull. I don't know if this plan will work with being so different then what everyone knows is devil may cry. But if they are being so bold in saying the hell with what you know and love then they better bring it with something interesting and fun with a side of style. So far i think they are coming up short....very short.
Posted by Kazona

Graphically it doesn't look particularly great, but the fighting looks as solid as the previous DMC game, so I'm not going to discount it quite yet.

Posted by Seroth

I hope the framerate is better in the full game. Also, still hoping you can change his haircut or something. Not even giving him longer white hair, just better-looking hair.

Posted by uberscooby

I wish instead of the white hair they would let him turn into some crazy demon thing. Otherwise looks like a solid game so far.

Posted by ProjektGill

The game looks pretty rough graphically. It kind of looks sub-DMC4 and it definitely looks worse than Bayonetta. Gameplay looks fine though and I don't mind the character redesign.

Posted by ds8k

@mrcraggle: Yeah, I noticed that too. Weird.

Posted by ultimatepunchrod
@Liquidus said:
After watching this, I have no clue why the Devil May Cry name is on this game.
are you serious? it looks just like all the DMC combat of the past.
Posted by Outrager

I feel like if they used the MvC3 Dante way of doing moves with SF commands, added more moves, then gave him no hit decay, this would be more fun.

Posted by ZagZagovich

This looks kind of dull. Why does DMC 3 still looks like a better game than this?

Posted by ghostNPC
@Ghostiet said:
Gameplay-wise it looks okay in the trailer, but fuck me, that design still screams "TOTALLY RADICAL".
Posted by Liquidus
@ultimatepunchrod said:
@Liquidus said:
After watching this, I have no clue why the Devil May Cry name is on this game.
are you serious? it looks just like all the DMC combat of the past.
The combat looks like any hack n' slash style game. They didn't show me anything I'd want in a DMC game, how about the all the ways I can do crazy combos? How about showing the gameplay mechanics at my disposal? This seems to just take some of the DMC formula but not really have that proper DMC flavour like Bayonetta did except that game was awesome and it wasn't called "Devil May Cry". Not to mention it is completely lacking that good ol' DMC attitude. I'm not saying this game is gonna be awful but I'm not impressed at all thus far.
Posted by RVonE

Having just played DMC 3 I have to say that the combat in this video looks subpar to that game. Which, of course, is not surprising given the fact that the combat mechanics in previous Ninja Theory games were always pretty mediocre. Also, this Dante sounds dumb as fuck (that was him with the little yelp in this video, right?)

Posted by JackSukeru

The combat looks good. It definetly has a DMC style look to it as opposed to a GoW style, and it actually reminds me of DMC 3 with how Dante animates. It's tough to say how it will play though when you couldn't even see how it transitions from walking animation into attack animations, but I'm hopefull.

I also like the general artstyle. There's some nice colour to the backgrounds as well as the effects coming off of Dante's weapons and I like the mook designs that they've shown so far. The environments seem a little too big & empty though and I still don't really like seeing the bullets when he fires his guns, but overall a positive impression.

Next show me what the story will be.

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