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Boom ?

hell yeah boom got the quest on my first try :P

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nooo so close :(

edit: I can't wait!!!!!

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Wow, really? A reference to the Bed Intruder?

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Is this game not out yet? I thought I remembered watching a Quick Look of it a few months back.

Edit: Err nevermind, didn't know this was just the Vita version

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Love the PS3 version. Will definitely pick this up.

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Looks great!

Vinny and Ryan better quicklook this, the last Tales from Space quicklook was amazing.

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Ha! What a great little trailer.

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@LTSmash said:

Wow, really? A reference to the Bed Intruder?

It's only a year old... which in internet years is about a millennium.

For whatever reason, I really enjoyed the Tales from Space QL. There wasn't really anything special going on, no crazy mechanics, but it was extremely pleasant, a neat an complete package. Will definitely keep an eye on this.

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At first I though "So is this just the exact same game as About a Blob?" (which I played btw, it was decent) but I suppose different levels and slightly updated mechanics could be enough of a justification for a Vita version.

The new blob looks kinda sick.

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@LTSmash said:

Wow, really? A reference to the Bed Intruder?

The first game had internet cats and "cake is a lie" references towards the end. It was weird.

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The music is really catchy!

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So do you find out that the blob is evil in the first game?

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@Dark_Lord_Spam: No, the blob from the first game wasn't evil. He was just escaping from capture by scientists and the armed forces. This game is about a different blob from the group that was flying through space, which is why he looks different from the original blob.
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Trailer loses five valuable Harkat-points for pointless, pandering reference.

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This looks like they took Gish and redressed it as an alien mutant. Sounds good to me, since clearly Gish 2 is nowhere to be found.

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Yeah, I liked that About A Blob QL, so I guess a Vita version might be cool. If I do end up getting a Vita for that SWERY game, I might get this.

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I am really liking that music.

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Looked good up till the memes.