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I played the demo on XBL a while ago and this game is the extremely poor, poor mans Dragon Age.

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Awww, duder :(

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Oh, so it's like Dragon Age? Huh, huh...dragons..get it?...

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Frame rate looks real bad. 
More and more lately it seems that WRPGs are developing their own set of cliches that run parallel to JRPG cliches.  Right down to names like "daemon" and talk of ancient demons returning and all this other nonsense. 
I'm calling it; only BioWare can make RPGs now.

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So does anyone know if this is any good?

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Even the trailer shows a shit framerate. That means this didn't run right on their own test computers. Too bad, too Seemed like an alright waste of time until Mass Effect 2, but until they patch that incredibly distracting framerate, I'm not touching it.

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cool story bro ?

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Stupidest part of this game is the very idea that a person would choose not to be a dragon ALL the time.  I mean, dude you can be a dragon!
That being said, this trailer feels me with m'eh. 

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animations look janky.

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@Joker_777 said:

" animations look MEGA janky. "

Framerate looks shit too.
Also it all looks ugly.
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this game is pretty crappy, i played the demo and couldnt really get into it, it was very cheap

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It's over 9,000!

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Generic Fantasy Game Name what now? Man, I'm so snarky today, to be fair, I prefer the art style of this over Dragon Age, although I'm sure DA:O is alot better than this.

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Not only are you a nerd behind a keyboard...you are the dragon! 
I'm sorry all, this game makes me feel like an extremist nerd just by watching this trailer.
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Those animations look incomplete... the idea of the game is cool though.

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Oh my god! It's a dragon! 
But yeah, this game looks bad.
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You can shift your shape into that of a dragon. You can't do that in Dragon Age!

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Chris Sabat!!!

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What's up with the frame rate?  It looks piss-poor.  Apart from that, there are plenty of better fantasy-RPGs out right now I think.  I'll pass on this one.

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frame rate is low yes, but it doesn't ruin the game.
Actually it's pretty steady when you go inside dungeons.
I'm enjoying it... that's all that matters.
Though I'm the type of person that enjoyed Two Worlds.
I know it was kinda' crappy but I still enjoyed exploring it's huge world.
To each his own. If you don't like what you see.... move on. Stop trolling.
Go back to playing Call of Duty or whatever you dumb shits play.

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@TheIronMuffin: Ouch, that is a hard comparison. but i get it
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The animations are absolutely horrendous, as are some of the technical issues. I'm really liking the game but it could have been something great if they held off of release for another few months to clean it up.