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Posted by IronScimitar


Posted by Payner

Finally, been waiting for this..

Posted by IronScimitar

The tracks and the logo looks awesome.

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I'd like to see a video of them getting interrogated by the TSA for having bombs and weaponized turtle shells.

Posted by mrthee

Mustache physics.

This. Is. Next. Gen.

Posted by GunstarRed

Baby Mario. I guess Jeff hates this game.

Posted by AngelN7

2014 : The year of Rosalina

Posted by Malphye

I could go for some Mario Kart right about now.

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I just realized that Waluigi's grunting is almost exacty the same as Jon Stewart's Dick Cheney impression.

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One more reason to buy a Wii U in 5 years.

Posted by Tireyo


Posted by TurboMan



Looks awesome. Will buy.

One day.

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As usual baby mario is a dick.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Haven't cared for Mario Kart in donkeys years. But this looks pretty darn fun.

Posted by okand

Baby Peach... That't can't be canon can it?

Posted by Fat_Tomato

I don't know about that plane track, but I'm happy to see the return of sexy biker outfit Rosalina

Posted by MEATBALL

This looks fantastic.

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Today is the day I consider buying a Wii-U.

Posted by KenpachiRamaSama

Really like how there pushing Rosilina. Favorite Mario character in years.

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The 3DS game already scratched my Mario Kart itch, maybe next time then

Posted by RedFive


Posted by Cold_Wolven

Now the games will be constantly numbered?

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@kenpachiramasama said:

Really like how there pushing Rosilina. Favorite Mario character in years.

Yeah I like her too. Kind of weird that they are just pushing her now, considering she was first introduced in Galaxy back in 2007.

Posted by Rotnac

Nintendo needs to get weird(er?) and create a Baby Wario already.

Posted by paulunga

This looks awesome. I'm just about ready to buy a Wii U. Let's see how long it'll take me to get one of the other new consoles.

Posted by 49th

I absolutely thought this had been released already.

Posted by GinjaAssassin

The TSA is not a fan of Mario or his regime.

Posted by VibratingDonkey

Waluigi, you so dumb. :D

Posted by thebipsnbeeps
Posted by Lausebub

That airport track is totally a reference to Fast & Furious 6, right? Right?

And Rosalina dies at the end?

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Mario Kart is the perfect vehicle to teach Shaggy 2 Dope about magnetism.

Posted by Shtinky

Still the king of the Kart racing genre.

Posted by Hulkamaniac

Maybe I'm just getting older and crotchety, but this looks super boring for a Mario Kart game.

Posted by Carlos1408

Hmm... Nintendo is starting to give me more reasons to purchase a Wii U. Still saving up for a gaming PC so it might be a while before I get one. Unless a new Metroid game comes out then I might change my gaming priorities.

Edited by MeatSim

Racing on a airport runway get's you a 3 star wanted level and a swat chopper shooting at you.

Posted by Dodongo

When I saw a screen grab from the video I thought it was a 3DS game...

Posted by Irish87

It's all fun and games until Donkey Kong is randomly taken aside and strip searched.

Posted by maxB

Really digging the shaders in this

Posted by Andorski

Fuck this baby Nintendo characters bullshit.

Posted by mrangryface

Glad to see Mario Kart is stepping up its game to meet the bar set by Sonic All Star Racing Transformed.

Edited by Vuud

Holy shit, there have been 7 other Mario Karts before this? I can only remember two.

And there should be a joke in there about Mario and mustache rides.

Posted by pg77

Looking forward to this iteration!

Posted by Humanity

Who the heck let Donkey Kong onto a motorcycle?!

Posted by moondogg

Is it weird for me to complain that the kart engines, sound really weak. I'm sure it'll play fine, but man, those engines just sound terrible.

Edited by Accolade

Show me something different and I'll consider buying a new Kart.

Edited by VoshiNova

Dat "8"

Some really pretty levels too! Seems like I see Rosalina everywhere now.

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