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Posted by Noted


Edited by Make_Me_Mad

Never enough DKC.

edit: Oh man, that Sunset level looks gorgeous.

Posted by Crono

Well the music totally brought it all back for me :D

Posted by kanilehua

There better be Funky Kong in there somewhere. No Funky- no buy.

Posted by grugvoth

So pretty and cool at the same time.

Posted by ImperiousRix

Hell yes!  No more stupid bongo games. 
Finally a proper game for DK.  If they woulda shown some footage of him riding one of his animal friends, this trailer would have been absolutely perfect.

Posted by Alphonzo

This looks great!

Posted by sora_thekey

This looks like a lot of fun.... and it also seems like a very challenging game!

Posted by skrutop

Not bad for a Wiiware game.  Wait, full release?  Hmm...

Posted by masternater27

Looking forward to the snow levels.  Some of the best music in gaming for me personally.

Posted by RogueBomber12

Side scrollers are returning because Wii controls suck. Looks good though.
Posted by JustinSane311

I heard that Nintendo wants to use Daves quote "The Banana Mouth King is Back" on the back of every box.

Posted by Seedofpower

Man that brings back memories

Posted by bkfountain

i may have to go get a wii now. DKC was my game back on the SNES. I'm shocked it took them this long to continue the series.

Posted by Robin_Gr

This looks pretty rad. I never expected to see a straight-up side scrolling DKC sequel. 

Posted by greystone227

Why does every new platformer have to be 3D? Why can't they just use higher-res 2D artwork? I feel like some of the nostalgia rush died when they started changing planes in the level and stuff. Oh well, at least the music is there! Go DKC!

Posted by DrPockets000

Sever lack of "wow" moments at Nintendo's conference.

Posted by CookieMonster


Posted by Eversoranimus

That was insanely awesome. Nintendo finally answered my prayers.

Posted by androo

But can you play it with the Bongo controller?

Posted by TripMasterMunky

This needs more grime.

Posted by Scrawnto
@greystone227: DKC always used pre-rendered 3D baked into sprites. This is just making it real-time. For this particular franchise I think this is the right move. For a lot of other franchises I would tend to agree with you.
Posted by VincentVendetta

This is so made of awesome.

Posted by Blair

Fucking radical!  This is what I've been waiting for since the SNES.  Day one purchase.

Posted by Hef

I think this is the best looking game nintendo showed off all day

Posted by Minus

woo, this game was so hard on snes, but i was young back then i suppose =D and no bongos! win win

Posted by Darkflight

This may be one of the greatest reveals ever

Posted by L1GHTN1N
@Minus:  No, these games were just straight up hard, especially the 2nd. So aggravating...
Posted by ShadyMarino

Oh DK, you got some wicked banana mouth!

Posted by Hockeymask27
@Eversoranimus said:
" That was insanely awesome. Nintendo finally answered my prayers. "
Posted by Chocobo_Blitzer

Not a single Kremling!

Posted by what

 I wonder if retro studios has been working on anything else. I have a hard time believing that a 2d game (they just have fewer resources to create and that sort of thing)  and packaging the 3 metroid prime games onto one disk has taken them since mid 2007. Any thoughts? 

Posted by Rehehelly

Make me want to whip out the snes...
I kinda wish I had a Wii now.

Posted by Zalzargahoughanstine

Did not see this coming

Posted by Plus

"He's finally back to kick some tail!"
This is a straight-up MUST for me

Posted by bigcess

I'm hella excited.

Posted by fjor


Posted by chrisnadon

ZOMG!!! :) <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Yzzerdd

Nothing about the art design screams "from the makers of Metroid Prime" but I guess those dudes left Retro a year or so ago. I was hoping they were working on a new series but I guess Nintendo doesn't work that way anymore.

Posted by MeatSim

A bunch of Banana mouth going on in this game.

Posted by smartoonkid

Kick ASS!

Posted by Immuniity

A new Donkey kong. neat.
A new donkey Kong COUNTRY. I'll take 20!!

Posted by Kolonel_Kool

Dear Nintendo,
Please stop making me excited for these games, as you may cause me to file for bankruptcy.

Posted by Dark_Schala

I wonder if David Wise is composing the soundtrack, or are they just rearranging the older SNES tracks? I'll take either option.
Posted by mrcraggle

See what happens when you put a little effort in Nintendo rather than rolling around in your money. 

Posted by Coleslaw893

Dang, that sunset level looked beautiful.

Posted by Kiro

I don't know. It sure got good ol' Donkey Kong in it, but it doesn't look like a DK game. Maybe there's too much shit going on. And there's no Rare. But I'm unfair, I should give these new guys a chance. Maybe it'll be awesome

Posted by jakob187

Posted by CouncilSpectre

I never got to play the original. I think I'm gonna have to get this.

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