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Posted by Vinchenzo

Wrong form of "to".

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Posted by immike

lol, sounds like marcus fenix 

Posted by Matterless
@Vinchenzo said:
"Wrong form of "to". "

We also would have accepted "two."
Posted by IamTerics

It blows my mind the enemies are still Russians.

Posted by VisariLoyalist

You knocked his block off!!!

Posted by Sin4profit

Hell yeah Steve Blum voice

Posted by Ryax

eh. i think ill be skipping this one

Posted by mano521

correct me if im wrong, but did i just hear the same voice actor have a conversation with himself

Posted by Cloudenvy

I am still really annoyed by the fact that the HUD takes up so much space.

Posted by ThatFrood
@IamTerics said:
" It blows my mind the enemies are still Russians. "
Posted by jakob187

Could it seriously be that PlatinumGames is going to release two fucking amazing games in one year?!  This game looks SIIIIIIICK!!!  I can't wait for October!

Posted by Nate

The blend of shooting and melee never gives me confidence that either of them will be good.

Posted by Lihtster

Dosvedaniya... how cliche is that.

Posted by Sweep

Lost Planet 2 / Metal Gear Solid pick n' mix. Dismissive but accurate?

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That girl seems very "hey listen"

Posted by Driadon

GRUFF SPACE MARINE Sounds....bad. Uh uh uh uh uh.

Posted by Kyreo
@Gav47 said:
" That girl seems very "hey listen" "
Posted by zombiesatemycereal

best voice acting ever

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Way to spoil a betrayal marketing team... all well I predicted as such. Looking better than I last remembered.
Will there be upgrades to unlock (see: score tab)?

Posted by DJKommunist

could that voice actor be the new micahel ironside. he sounds drunk
Posted by Toxin066

That looked a lot like the E3 trailer. Which is not a bad thing at all. Game looks totally hectic in the best way possible.

Posted by donaldkhogan

Russia is still a threat.

Posted by Peewi

Yet another awesome looking multiplatform game without a PC version :(
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Game looks good, graphics look mediocre (maybe...), animations look awesome but.... those scores at the right scare me.

Posted by Korne

This trailer had so much awesome in it... its hard to comprehend it all.  
It has the mechanics of a shooter with the craziness of a hack'n'slash. Throw in the tone of MGS, and I'm very interested.

Posted by Flappy

Flappy wants this to be successful.

Posted by LiquidSwords

Looks great, but the voice acting, UGH!

Posted by Shuborno

The horrible voice acting amuses me. 
This game looks like it has potential. if the controls are nice and responsive (and I have no reason to believe they're not at the moment), I could have some fun with a fast version of something that controls like Gears of War.

Posted by Oishi_47

Am I the only one who's reminded of Lost Planet? Even just a little?

Posted by mropinion

Hmm...is this Lost Planet minus the snow and bugs?

Posted by MisterMouse
@Cloudenvy said:
" I am still really annoyed by the fact that the HUD takes up so much space. "
this, the hud is huge!
Posted by Almeida69

i dont know why but this trailer reminds of the zone of the enders 2 trailer.

Posted by MarkWahlberg

Punching robots heads off? I'm interested. Dasvedanya* indeed, motherfucker. 
*or however you spell it.

Posted by Waffles13

Anya-lady looks surprisingly non-uncanny valley, which is shocking to me for a Japanese action game.

Posted by Izick

Looks like a cross between Bayonetta and Lost Planet....in a good way.

Posted by Robiin

When will Japan learn that less is often more when it comes to HUD:s?

Posted by BelligerentEngine

Listening to Oghren from Dragon Age be a space marine makes me lol.

Posted by TekZero

Sorry, you lost me at "third person shooter"

Posted by cooperfoyt

Something about this, maybe the reticle, reminds me of Lost Planet. Or it looks like it will handle similarly. And that makes me kind of said because parts of this game look amazing. 

Posted by zkillz

game looks like absolute chaos, but seems like hes able to effectively target and destroy enemies 

really excited for this

Posted by RedRocketWestie

I liked the God Hand nod with that melee combo. Otherwise this game looks missable.

Posted by Zaapp1

Looks frenetic... 
Also, Russians.

Posted by Fribain

Sam sounds a hell of a lot like Snake. Was there another clone we weren't told about?

Posted by JackSukeru

I can't decide if this looks alright or not. 
Ah well, My first impression of the main character is that he's a jerk so that could be funny.

Posted by Box3ru13

Wow, must say that I had little interest in this before hand but now....

Posted by OllyOxenFree

Them damn Russian again!  *waggles finger*

Posted by dox

Every dude has their Batman voice going.