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Posted by teekomeeko

Alpha Protocol continues to be the only game ever that not only looks worse day by day, but also has developers so oblivious to public opinion that they keep showing it off. Actually, I'm sure there have been others, but maybe not many with the absolute raw potential for awesomeness that this had before they showed it to the public.

Posted by DystopiaX
@PhilESkyline said:
" @DystopiaX said:
" @PhilESkyline said:
" I can't put my finger on it but there's something about this game that screams undone. "
The fact that it was supposed to come out this time last year and the game STILL looks like it was made 5 years ago? "
5 year ago!? That's just sad...talk about lack of progression. "
well not really. But it looks like a last gen game. 
Posted by thenexus

Graphics and no gameplay is always crap in a game but you need to find a good balance and the games apprerence draws you in.
Read Dead Redemption has a lot of bugs but they are FUN in an odd way and that game has a lot of things to do and it looks great doing so. Even the bugs look good in a odd kind of way.
This game just looks a bit crap to me in its presentation. You could spend a lot of time and get a playstation 2 game look this good if not better in some areas. In Fact the last god of war game on that platform side by side to this would not be that far off.
I know it looks better then playstation 2 games in a lot of ways but to modern day standards I think visually they have done a poor job.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

Kinda psyched for it. I hope it lives up to the potential.. That there really ARE all these options and choices you can make.

Edited by MrKlorox

Hope it's fun. I like classic WRPGS, but it just doesn't seem like any of the developers who built their reputation on such games want to make them any more, with the one single exception of Dragon Age. Instead we get half-assed RPG 'hybrid' games that fail to deliver in either genre they attempt.
Obsidian, InXile, fellas, .... I respect you trying to do things you haven't tried before, but when it is so foreign to your style that you can't even make the RPG stuff feel right after all the compromises you made for the sake of the action, STOP IT AND GO BACK TO DOING WHAT YOU KNOW HOW!

Posted by HypotheticalSolution76

June 1 is like next week, so after some of the other players get to trying it, I can read all those and see if it's worth making an effort. I hope for the sake of the developer though that it doesn't tank.

Posted by BeachThunder
@HypotheticalSolution76:  It actually comes out in Australia tomorrow and in Europe on the 28th, so you might be able to hear what people think before June 1.
Posted by raphaa00
@natetodamax said:
" Can't help but notice how visually, it looks like this game could have been released years ago. "
It was supposed to.
But I'm really looking after this, despite the reasonable visual flaws. It looks unique in the PS3.
Posted by Rolento

Yeah, truly one of the ugliest games in recent memory.  Wouldn't you say, Zack?  

Posted by eccentrix

I didn't see anything original or interesting.

Posted by Finis

I will still get it day 1, but with the last few videos my expectations are getting lower and lower

Posted by jakob187
@Rolento said:
" Yeah, truly one of the ugliest games in recent memory.  Wouldn't you say, Zack?   "
Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

Yeah, graphically this looks like crap, boxy ass PS2 era graphics all over the place with day-glo lighting. However there's a lot of potential in the Kotor/Deus Ex mashup gameplay style this game apparently has. I think we have some prime QL material here.

Posted by Irish87

For every crappy yawn-inducing espionage gamer there is a group of naive 14 year olds willing to buy anything with guns in it.  
For every crappy Ethan Hunt clone there is a naive 14 year old who never saw those movies.  
And, for every crappy Splinter Cell rip off that was meant to be released five years ago (when Splinter Cell was popular) but wasn't and, unlike the beautiful aging process of Alan Wake, has turned into the gaming version of Michael Jackson there is... heroin. 

Posted by Lydian_Sel

Throughout watching these Alpha Protocol tid bits the phrase "SimSpy" has been running in my head over & over again.

Posted by RadiantGradient

Why do the models look straight outta the first Deus Ex?

Posted by Reverseface

He's a scout sniper.

Posted by Kaigan

Sneaking has changed.

Posted by WaylonJennings
@Jonny7892: U r Need LERN TOO speal
Posted by Nomin

*Deftly picks lock
*Bam! Kicks the door open. 

Posted by Hourai

I'm no graphics whore, but this looks like a game from '05 or '06. 

Posted by Dustpan

Well that trailer sucked.

Posted by RipAndTear

Spy Fiction 2? Sweet jesus.

Posted by face15

Fuck! That's the blandest trailer i've every seen. You'd think they'd choose the most interesting part of the game to advertise it with... and if that's the most interesting part, god help us all.

Posted by XenoZak

Would people stop fucking talking like they're some York Stalker wierdo.

Posted by Chronox

I got this yesterday from my local EB in Australia, it's not a bad game took me a little to get use to it though.

Posted by ThePantheon

is it me or is "thorton" like the dumbest last name you've ever heard.
it's like a pussy version of thornton.

Posted by darkjester74

Sigh.  I really REALLY want this game to be good despite the horrible visuals.

Posted by Stinky51012

This looks lamer everytime I see it

Posted by Brodehouse

I expect this game to show flashes of inspiration and clever gameplay... mired under a ton of janky ass crap.  And if it still sells well enough despite that, I expect the sequel to fix a lot of the problems.  It's worked for BioWare in the past.  This will obviously compare unfavorably to Mass Effect 2, but if you put it against Mass Effect 1... maybe you have something.

Posted by Stinky51012
@Smokay said:
" Fuck everything.I mean this game looks great "
This guy obviously just stepped out of a time machine from 1999.
Posted by Pepsicolaboy

While Im aware that if this game wasnt made by Obsidian then I would have dismissed it by now. 
- Except it is. So I havent. Gonna go out there and say unqualified; this game will have some great stuff in it.
Posted by SonicBoyster

Looks bad... Trailers that show next to no gameplay and just spam words at you like "Stealth!" "Tactics!"  "Possibilities!" do nothing for me.  Yeah, you made a spy game.  Good for you . Get a better marketing team on it.

Posted by myslead

what's more stealthier than kicking down a door? lol

Posted by Egge

The graphics in Alpha Protocol are serviceable enough to make the constant bickering about them feel rather uncalled for (not to mention a bit silly). This being Obsidian, though, I agree that the game will have its fair share of janky elements...

Posted by Warchief

this game looks like rubbish. 

Posted by DrPockets000

I will probably rent this game and play through it, but my interest is waning and the animations SUCK SO MUCH ASS

Posted by Crash_Happy
@Egge: Agreed. But then you'll always find someone willing to say 'best grafix evar!' and another to say 'man my N64 looked better' etc etc.
It's all a bit sad really.
The game looks fine, but I'm waiting for the reviews on this one. All those delays have me wondering.
Posted by nickyvegas

This  game sounded cool when it was first announced. 
Posted by Jost1

Those are some sub par graphics

Posted by blacklab

Man, from a graphical perspective, this game looks pretty rugged. Hopefully gameplay is over the top great.

Posted by dancinginfernal

Recently playing DP has encouraged me to at least try this. But it looks sub-par, I've got to say.

Posted by Tennmuerti

Pre download has already started on Steam in Europe, I'm downloading this now, hopefully will have time to play tomorrow, if not then definitely on Friday/Weekends

Posted by ghostNPC

Talk about blocky. I'd much rather play another stealth game than this; it's just reiterating every mechanic from every espionage game ever made.

Posted by Terjay

You can watch some gameplay here 

Posted by Adziboy
@Jonny7892 said:
"I dunno. Usually the stealth elements, in games which do not focus entirely on stealth, suck. "

These look good, but of course, it's not focused on stealth. You can play how you like. I wouldn't be surprised if the game got criticised for being a bit clunky or dumbed down but this isn't for hardcore games - it's just for gamers and seems to look more like fun than someone wanting a challenging, emotional game/experience.
Posted by Mizuchi

ahahaha oh wow