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edit: Shit I feel real bad for swiping this quest from someone. My bad guys.

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That's so Jeff!

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Giantbomb, you are awesome. Just wanted to let you know.

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Love it. I love it.

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All the GOTY stuff looked really nice. Lot of little touches in the 60 Minutes one.

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YES this is exactly what I wanted.

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YES, It's just what I hoped for.

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This answered my GENUINE question about if Rap Man and Hurdy Gurdy Man were the same person.

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Good vid, good vid.

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Damn Vinny's got some guns on him!!

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For some reason this video loads very slowly for me.

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Jeff's acting is the best.

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Man, it's kind of crazy that Jeff just made that Uncle Jim stuff up on the spot. Guy can improvise!

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Damn, that steady cam is some nice equipment.

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Vinny and that camera going steady!

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@Purple_eye said:

Giantbomb, you are awesome. Just wanted to let you know.

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Never enough behind-the-scenes goods.

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I need MORE. I need ALL OF IT.

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They definitely made the right call in regards to The Rap Man and The Hurdy Gurdy Man being separate people. I trust Giant Bomb with the rich fiction of the Hunk-a-Dunk Universe!

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hells yesssss behind the scene!

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WAIT THAT AD LIBBED THAT SHIT?! Wow, they are talented.

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Holy shit, Vinny bought a Steadicam.

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Best G.O.T.Y. ever!

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Vinny's arms look even bigger.

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Brilliant! Thanks guys

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Oh man, that was great. Outtakes on Hurdy Gurdy Man were choice.

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This was awesome, wish you guys coulda shot more of it.

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This has made me a lot more impressed with everything they did.

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It would be great to see all of the behind the scenes footage of what they did for each day's show.

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15 years, bwhahahahaha

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Great improv Jeff!

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I'm soooo hunked right now

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Man, that steady cam Vinny was using reminded me of the machine guns 2 of the marines used in Aliens.

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That was great, I hope we get some more behind the scenes stuff.

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Fantastic. Nice to know they were breaking out laughing as soon as the sound cuts.

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Take it from the mother hunkin' TOP!

Steadicams are the hype , keep at it! I want to see you rolling fast with one during a TNT soon!

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Heck yes backstage business. Cheers guys!

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Awesome stuff! Wish it was premium though...

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Classy Brad is classy !

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I see these guys doing this stupid shit all the time and having a blast at it. They are so lucky to be able to make money doing what they love while having a great time.

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These are so great.  
Kinda hope there's more behind the scenes stuff.

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@CornBREDX said:

These are so great. Kinda hope there's more behind the scenes stuff.

Look at upcoming.