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Shame they only make games for consoles. Looked like it would have been a fun game for $5-$10.

Posted by Xpgamer7

I'm up for anything double fine puts out at this point. They're just that good.

Posted by BBQBram

Customizable mechs? Sold. Oh hey it's a Double Fine game to boot.

Posted by AngriGhandi

Bafflement and joy, the twin heads of the Double Fine bee

Posted by kratier

delayed release for ps3 = no purchase, 

Posted by RichieJohn

This looks great. I for one loved everything about Brutal Legend apart from the length.  More gameplay that might resemble that is great.
Double Fine still haven't made a bad game as far as I'm concerned. I won't get 'Once upon a Monster' as I've got no plans to get Kinect. But anything else they announce I'll eat up.

Posted by Cerogravian

This is love.

Posted by Mutley

Double Fine= Awesomness 
One of the few developers left who are not afraid to innovate and make new IP's 

Posted by dpedal1

The greatest move Double Fine ever made, going download only.  

Posted by buhssuht

damn double fine, you're on fire

Posted by Underachiever007
@Daveyo520 said:
" I really want this. "
Posted by ptys

Such a... Microsoft title, ehhhh!

Posted by MildMolasses
@kratier said:
"delayed release for ps3 = no purchase,  "

For someone with a green name, that seems like a really weird thing to say. 
Posted by ryn

You had me at "Mobile Trench".

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So it's a mech game and is there some RTS in there too as you set gun emplacements?  Well, it also seems to have so co-op, so maybe that will be interesting.  I don't know.  It's been a good long time since I played a decent mech game but I do recall that half the fun is destroying other mechs, not glowy bugs.  I'll withhold judgment until more is known. 

Posted by 49th

Mechs + Double Fine = Awesome

Posted by OldGuy
@pwnasaurus:  Oh, yeah right... wrong character pull, right voice actor (since he did Gordon, Amadeus Arkham, Warden Sharp AND Louie Green [the guard in the hoodie you can talk to right after getting into the "open world" for the first time] - that's what I get for posting from memory when I should have been asleep)...
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So it's a third person mech 4 player coop tower defense game? Sure as hell ain't no Psychonauts.

Also, xbox exclusive? Well, there goes my wish of giving you money, double fine. 

Posted by najibu

we had stacking and now it's trenched! I'm just curious what's coming up next

Posted by SuperSambo

No mans land into Real mans land?
I was pretty much sold, but that line made it a 100% purchase.
I loved Costume Quest (hopefully the fries glitch will be fixed soon) and Stacking is my GOTY so far! Gotta love Double Fine.

Posted by Tesla

This looks rather fun.

Posted by Coleslaw893

You had me at "Double Fine" and "Aliens".

Posted by Zereta

Take my fucking money right now, Double Fine. Just do it. 
And also have my babies. All of them.

Posted by ProfessorEss

Geeze, Doublefine really ain't messin around.

Posted by Terjay
@RedDragon123 said:
"One of the few developers left who are not afraid to innovate and make new IP's  "
Innovate? Mechs have been around for decades.
Posted by GrandMarshal

that line at the end was perfect

Posted by project343
@JakeTaylor: Judging by their emphasis on upgrading, turrets, and defense, I'd say it looks a lot more like a co-op tower defense game.
Posted by benu302000

Double fine wants to be all the downloads.

Posted by shinluis
@ryn said:
" You had me at "Mobile Trench". "
Yes indeed
Posted by MeatSim

A Double Fine mech game? Greatest idea ever.

Posted by Entmoot


Posted by heatDrive88

Hmmm curious to know if this is an arcade release or if it's a disc. I'd have to assume arcade, but it almost looks as if it could be a disc game.

Posted by TheKramer89

looks pretty solid.
Posted by JeffGoldblum
@Terjay said:
" @RedDragon123 said:
"One of the few developers left who are not afraid to innovate and make new IP's  "
Innovate? Mechs have been around for decades. "
I think he meant in reference to this being a completely new IP.  
Besides how many WWI Mech Alien Invasion games have you played?
Posted by nick_verissimo

This sort of looks like it'll be the Brutal Legend gameplay, which didn't work for me, so I'll probably pass.

Posted by fox01313

Compared to the past things done by Double Fine, this one seems a little more generic. Maybe there's some future footage shown that has that quirky humor that's in the other games they've done.

Posted by Veektarius

Games do not have to be funny to be imaginative and different.

Posted by Hyperfludd

Soo....XBLA exclusive? Bummer.

Posted by Delta_Ass

I don't get it. If you can move around as a giant Mech, why would you ever want to trench it?

Posted by Sharpshooter

This is what I love about Double Fine, they keep coming up with original stuff. Its never just some generic throw away IP that anyone could come up with. They may take some normal pieces (e.g. Turn based combat, open world exploration, third person platforming) but they wrap it all up in original concepts, settings and stories. 
I mean what other company could come up with an idea like "the mobile trench brigade" or a world populated by Russian stacking dolls or kids with the power to make Halloween costumes real or a world based around heavy metal music. No one but the brilliant, creative and imaginative minds at Double Fine.

Posted by Jackel2072

looks fun. i will surely give it a shot. love costume quest. didnt care much for stacking.

Posted by Mesoian

So let me get this straight. 
Double fine, is making their own brand of mechwarrior where you fight Aliens in World War 1? 

Posted by Nomin

Looks like a variation on tower defense games.  
Microsoft Games publishing...oh joy. 

Posted by Rox360

Hah, I love the concept of "mobile trench warfare".

Posted by StealthRaptor

I'll play it if I can use my Steel Battalion controller.

Posted by RazielCuts

Just when I thought Double Fine was on a cool indie vibed hot streak..

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@Zereta said:

" Take my fucking money right now, Double Fine. Just do it.  And also have my babies. All of them. "

This! It just needs a brilliant/mad scientist Doogie Howser and it will be perfect!
Posted by XcL

Trailer started .. oh no a RTS by double fine why ?? then OMG it's a mech game I'm in day one. 

Posted by PLWolf

It looks like Chromehounds with personality. I'm in!

Posted by proggykins

This game. It does not look interesting to me.