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So if I play this stoned what will be the interaction between the real drugs and the virtual ones?

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Every single trailer so far seems to have the bad guy saying the F word. I understand that the guys crazy, and I don't mind swearing, but jeeze. Game's looking good.

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I'm so hyped for this game. It's pretty scary.

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I really liked certain parts of Far cry 2, but hope they can round it out a bit more this time around.

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Wow. I really love the angle they're going for. The "unreal" scenes are intriguing, I can't wait to see what they do with it!

Also, the color palette is amazing!

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That guy is creepy as fuck.

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If a rabbid doesn't make an appearance during a hallucination I'll be disappointed.

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Crytek's heritage in the wrong hands while Crytek is too busy being not-Crytek. What a fucking shame. 
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Can we still roll grenades down a hill?

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Oh good.... the monkey business pack.

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If it's not awful dubstep, it's the Inception BBBUUUUURRRRRRRR

Game looks good though.

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The graphics look fantastic and it looks like it'll be a lot of fun. Very much looking forward to this one.

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Who the fuck is Kurk? I feel like he's supposed to be someone famous or something?

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Is there going to be dubstep in-game? This is a serious fucking deal breaker for me. No better way to throw the atmosphere out of the window by tossing in some WUB WUB WUB.

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Looks preeeeetty awesome! hoping it doesn't turn out be another Far Cry 2.

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I'm one of the few that loves most of FC2. Another iteration, fixing the issues and setting it back in paradise, can't wait!

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The hallucinogenic aspect is interesting, mainly cause I like the fact we can have a game nowadays that straight up has the line "This is some craaaazyyy shit" whilst dude is fucked on some weird mushrooms.

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He also sells malaria pills, so watch out!

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Looks intense, can't wait.

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This looks weird. Hopefully it ends up being a bit more directed than Farcry 2. I want to blow things up with explosive and shoot someone's face off, not hunt for diamonds and try to plot routes that go around those checkpoints filled with enemies that respawn every 20 minutes.

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This looks like it could be very good. Too bad it's Ubisoft.

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This game looks incredible 
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FUCK. It looks so fun! If warxsnake was the dude who modeled the guns--good job, friend, they look so good!

I do hope it's still a bit sand-box-y, but a bit more linearity compared to Far Cry 2 wouldn't hurt at all.

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I am obligated by the government to tell you that this game is look gooood.

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Quick, someone get Gob, I found ermanno

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I really enjoy moments in first person shooters where you see your hands grab onto ledges and objects rather than the usual camera floating in a void.

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Liberal use of the inception button!

I think this game is going to be badass, but the frame rate looks kinda low, and some effects still need some polishing. Maybe they're still working on it or something.

Can't wait though!

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@Cloudenvy said:

Looks preeeeetty awesome! hoping it doesn't turn out be another Far Cry 2.

Looks great. Hopefully it's as interesting as Far Cry 2, despite the change of setting.

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Man these trailers for Far Cry 3 have me real interested. It seems like they are finding a good middle ground for crazy weird stuff in the first Far Cry and the attempt at emotional conflict in Far Cry 2.

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I'll very gladly play this. Looks better with every new trailer they release.

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@Hef: Exactly what I thought xD

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I was skeptical but interested when I first saw the demo last year. Now that I see how dark and twisted the story is though, I know I'll be picking this one up.

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That looks like a game I would want to play.

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Nobody laughed at my half-assed NASCAR joke. :(

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I can't be the only one who ses a resemblance to Freaky Fred from Courage the Cowardly Dog?

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@Brad: I thought Earnhardt was The Intimidator, not The Eliminator!

...and now I've just admitted I know things about NASCAR.

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Even the jungles hate helicopters.Will they ever find a home?!

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I am so goddamn pumped for this game.


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I'm in, from what I remember I haven't done psychedelic drugs in a game since Rise of the Triad...

: )

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I'm getting a lot more of a Far Cry 2 vibe from this trailer, especially since I'm in the middle of a second playthrough right now...getting into the vehicle turret, the melee kills, the hang glider, etc. The voice acting already sounds a lot better than FC2. The accents were good, but every single character sounded like they were in a competition to see who could spit their lines out the fastest. Fucking aggravating.

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flower picking never look so entertaining

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It doesn't convince me for some reason.

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Wait, does Dr. Earnhardt drive a NASCAR? Is this a racing game?

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God damn it, now I just know that whatever their bullshit take on hallucinogens is will piss me off. Even if it shouldn't.

But otherwise this game looks really good. I hadn't noticed how far they'd gone towards that hard-edged look, but either way the game is pretty as hell. If they give the player a little more direction than they did in Farcry 2, and give the narrative a little more impact (it all felt a bit muted in 2), I think this could actually make good on the promise the Farcry games have always had.

To be fair, that's what I thought in the run-up to two.

Posted by teh_destroyer

I really want to survive Far Cry 3, because I definitely could not survive how bad Far Cry 2 was. Anyone remember how badass the first Far Cry was?

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Younger Dr Earnhardt

Younger Dr Earnhardt? Side-effect of drug?

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@Brad: I got what you were going for but, yeah, ya done goofed it up. Intimidator.

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Red or blue pill?

meh, taking both pills and adding some psilocybes on the top.

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I'm actually kinda hyped for this.

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Dr Earnhardt reminds of Josef mengele....