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So your playing as the bad guy in this?

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isn't this supposed to be for PC as well ?

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Shoutouts to Gangrel!

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@Dooleh: It is

Also: What are the odds that there will be at least on Twilight joke in here? Last one had a freaking Portal reference of all things. I bet at some point your eating somebody and he'll be like "Vampires are supposed to sparkle in the sun!" and you'll be like "What?! Who told you that nonsense?"

And then everybody dies

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@CallMeTetris said:

Shoutouts to Gangrel!

And Kevin Thorne...

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So hyped for this.

But maybe I'm weird because I don't really care about playing as Dracula; I want to play as Alucard, especially in this version of Castlevania's fiction.

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Shoutouts to Gangrel!

no one should shout out to gangrel.

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I am so oddly stoked for this.

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@Animasta: I'm just glad I didn't say Vampiro.

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Radical! I really loved the first one, and I'm glad they're really going into the Dracula thing with this one.


Interview with a vampire the game

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Anyone else really hoping it's not more god of war like gameplay? I really liked the first lords of shadow, but more of that? Meh. Kinda played out.

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Errmagerrd that would be the sickest thing ever lol.

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I wanted to like the first one sooo much, but it made it incredibly difficult to do so in places. Safe to say I have similar hopes for this one but am leaning a lot more towards "cautious" on the cautiously optimistic scale.

If they could fix the issues of the first game it could be great.

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The sequel to one of my favorite games of this generation. Looking forward to see how they handle the ending. It seems like there will be a split between the past and the present day.

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My heart sank so far it dropped out of my arse when I saw the modern setting. I detested that in Darksiders, feels really stupid to me for some reason. And it looks like another generic New York alike too. I seriously never want to go back to New York in a another video game for the rest of my entire bloody life. Manhattan is one of the least visually interesting cities in the world.

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Shoutouts to Gangrel!

Haha. That's exactly what I thought. WWE 13 DLC.

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The idea that this could take place over many time periods is super interesting and full of potential. Hopefully they can make good on it.

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Vampire pro-wrestlers huh? Got ya covered

Joachim Valentine
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@DickSocrates: It must really suck to live in NY huh?

But the setting is awesome! Especially considering how they introduced it at the end of LoS1, guess you didn't play that one? I don't think there is anything wrong with a modern Vampire setting like Blade, especially when they already did the medieval setting with the series.

Tbh generic fantasy setting 202543. ain't that original either at this point, so might as well go with an modern setting for vampires, which hasn't been done well in quite a while.

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Shoutouts to La Parka

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could be cool I guess

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Yeesh. I liked LoS. I even liked that first trailer for LoS 2. But this? This just isn't doing it for me.

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Wait, Gangrel is in this now?

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Looks like it could be cool, liked the first one. Pretty cheesy trailer though, but I don't have anything against that.

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Maybe I should play the first LoS

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The good guy is now the bad guy. What a twist! Well they did set this up with the dlc or whatever, also dudes VO sounded kinda not good, but hey that's just me.

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So no Patrick Stewart on this one...

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I really enjoyed Lords of Shadow. I thought their portrayal of Gabriel was great, and his actual conflict was pretty good as well.

The sudden transition to Vampire in the DLC was odd, but at least fit what they set up.

I'm excited that it looks like they'll finally deliver on the current day setting, and that this means that we'll get more Patrick Stewart, as well.

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what is his revenge?

didn't he got over the whole killing his wife thing?

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Lords of shadow was a really good game.

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What is a man?

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Vampire pro wrestlers beat up cops nowadays.

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glad to see this is still a thing, loved the first one

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WRESTLEMANIA CASTLEVANIA!!! Dracul vs Mick Foley in a Hell in the Cell match, that's right! A HELL IN THE CELL MATCH!

-Angry Vince *No Chance in Hell music plays*

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After that awesome first all CGI trailer this is somewhat underwhelming but I do like a good story of turning into the bad guy.

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im surprised this got a sequel as i felt the first one wasn't 2 great

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I'm really excited. The first Lords of Shadow was one of my favorite action games this generation. Really looking forward to it. I hope more characters from classical myth that you really don't see in video games pop up in this game again. It was neat seeing things like Baba and Madragoras and such.

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This is at least one of the top 3 Gangrel simulators on the market

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Well that was goofy.

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A Vampire in Brooklyn 2?

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I'm down to bite some throats. Seems like it might be awesome.

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I'm going to have to find some way to fit "That is my vengeance!" into everyday conversation.

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