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Posted by chickendoughnut

hope its as good as mass effect

Posted by bshirk

I love Bioware games, but the music doesn't mesh with this trailer.

Posted by jaymorgoth

Everytime I hear Manson I cringe....it just seems so over the top and ridiculous.  I'll put my trust in Bioware as they have delivered time and time again, but their marketing team is making some missteps I feel. Still what will make or break this game like everything is execution...if they can pull that off then I will forgive a thousand shitty trailers

Posted by Morden2261

This is absolutely, positively a must-buy for me on release day!

Posted by DCFGS3

Just a hardcore version of Baldur's Gate, God am I wanting this game

Posted by Kaddion

I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be disappointed when they realize that it is a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate, and not an over-the-top action game like God of War.

Posted by TracedVelocity

Turn off the sound, and the trailer is decent.

I really hope it lives up to the Baldur's Gate spiritual successor claim.

Posted by TheGodOfHell

It does look badass... But yeah, poor choice of music. Needs black metal!

Posted by mastab8ing_bear

Again bioware doesn't disappoint....SWTOR, ME2 and DAO...bloody amazing
Hell of a year for gaming i'd say

Posted by Red

Sex Scene confirmed.

Possibility of more [bad] screamo music still up in the air.
Posted by Otzlowe

Dude, I know I'm probably the only one thinking this... but Bioware sure is putting out some awesome trailers / teasers. They've definitely kicked them up a notch for E3.

Posted by Spacetrucking
@bshirk said:
" I love Bioware games, but the music doesn't mesh with this trailer. "
I agree. The music is more of a turn-off. I hope the game doesn't use any Manson songs.
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Posted by Sabata

This truly is the age of boning.

Posted by Rhyno

Will I be able to make sexy time up in this piece or not?

Posted by grifter00020

boo yah

Posted by Reuben

Time for some bonin'

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Meh. I like Manson. He's more talented then most heavy metal screech music out there. At least his stuff is varied, and original. Unlike most music out there.

Not saying he's my favorite musician, but he's better then most metal bands.

Posted by gamefreak9

guys the music is fine, i dont like manson either but learn to appreciate it in conjunction... this is the new shit? what more can i say

Posted by raidingkvatch

I hope this is as awesome as it looks. I wish BioWare would change the music in their trailers, not cuz I don't like it ord don't think it works, I'm just getting pissed off at how people are focusing on it more than the game

Posted by Carlos1408

Damn this game looks like it could turn out really well!

Posted by Unchained

This is still my #1 most anticipated game for me this year. I still play Baldur's Gate on a annual basis, so a next-gen version of that would scratch my itch nicely...though Splinter Cell: Conviction came close to trumping it.

Posted by giyanks22

This next Year and a half in which Bioware releases this, ME 2, and Star Wars the Old Republic, is the chance for Bioware to go down as one of the greatest developers of all time. If these three games are superp, then I think Bioware is on the golden path to sucess..

Posted by MeatSim

They sure do know how to make good trailers.

Posted by viklanderviking

October cant come soon enough.

Posted by CrazedJoker

Great Trailer. And all you people still bitching about the Manson song.... SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU WHINING CUNTS. God  you people are all WoW pussies!

Posted by killdave

DAMN this game looks so fucking awesome badass !!


Posted by Death_Unicorn

I <3 BioWare, my favorite game developer.

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Those guys look like....Locust grunts.

Posted by PureRok

As long as this game doesn't suck like Mass Effect, it'll be fine.

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It was a dark age of boning. And many a hot dicking was had. The crusade begins.

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I still think that Bioware made a bad decision by moving to the consoles.  While it can't be as good as Baldur's Gate 2, I hope that it's very much like it.
And wow, another October release.  I'll have a hard time deciding between this and Alpha Protocol.

Posted by Hector

Woah, it can't get better than this!

Posted by stokerd

What is up with that music? Ugh...stick with the graphics and some good music, that would sell this game.

Posted by boj4ngles

The "New Shit" is shit.  I am still psyched for this game though.  Btw, isn't it just a little interesting that they haven't shown any gameplay combat in their trailers.  They must be trying really hard to appeal to the 15-18 year old audience that has never played an isometric rpg.

Edited by Gelatinousgelboy

Two major things turning me off to this game:

1. War/Epic Good vs. Evil Main plotline - Feels like there's no room for adventuring or interesting character development because you're a "GODDAMN GREY WARDEN", ugh.

2.  and THIS. If these are my "main enemy" make them into something less annoying to look at.  @Puppy said:

" Those guys look like....Locust grunts.


...Sorry for the negativity, I'm just a bit disenfranchised.
Posted by Roboyto

Good lord, between that star wars trailer, the mass effect trailer, and this trailer, BioWare is owning E3 unlike anyone else

Posted by AURON570

i'm starting to like the song and the game.

Posted by dibiase77

I can't believe I'm interested in a Baldur's Gate style game...but that looks awesome!!!

Posted by death_and_drek

I can't wait for this game.  I wish the art style looked a little less derivative and generic high fantasy, but Bioware rarely disappoints.

Posted by Hector

BioWare rules!!!

Posted by Colonel_Fury

Do want.

Posted by Hector

I always come back to this page to watch the trailer, it's just so bad ass!

Posted by Media_Master

Booty call

Posted by Keeng

I was sold before this trailer. I'm...slightly less sold now. 

Posted by Keeng

Ok so I watched the trailer again. It's a good trailer. I guess my problem is that this looks like a really good action game. None of the stuff that happens in the video will happen in actual Baldur's Gate-style battles. It's like they said, "Let's make the game look awesome even if this is nothing like the actual game." 

Posted by Deathinmusic

The music makes this trailer much more kickass. Puts some balls into what I view as a pretty stale genre of gaming. Stale in that the setting is always the boring old D&D. Except for Fallout, Fallout is awesome. But yeah, I'm looking forward to Dragon Age. Bioware rocks.

Posted by Keeng
@Deathinmusic: Yeah, when you put it that way it was kinda cool. I don't think it would have been as entertaining if it was stale old horn and trumpets and choirs like all the other fantasy stuff. 
Posted by Jackel2072

Manson works