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Posted by oldschoolthrasher


Posted by Twazuk

I saw that image and thought there were making another Bomberman: act zero. This is only slightly better.

Posted by myslead

close, but no cigar

Posted by Matthew
@Apollo87: Now, try deleting your comment, to see if thrasher gets it...
Posted by zityz

Hey remember that game you bought and played 6 times before? Get ready to buy and play it all over again. For the first time ever we added in anime cutscenes, however we haven't changed SHIT all to the actuall game. 
I shake my head at this. Who the fuck still cares about Dragon Ball Z and who the hell is going to buy this game? it's not like those DBZ fans haven't already bought the game like 5 times before ot something. Depressing.
Posted by papercut

What the hell, did Cell absorb Iron Man or something?

Posted by crusader8463

I miss being able to enjoy the mindless splendor of Dragon Ball Z. Dam you Akira Toriyama, make more Dragon Ball already!

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong

It looks ace, but who the heck are all these characters!
Powerrangers, greenskinned duders? Wtf!

Posted by Dr_VonBoogie

Getting my hopes up like that, and here I thought there was going to be a new story line in the Dragon Ball universe. Instead it's just some episode that wasn't aired. Also is Zangya a new character for the game or was she in one of the many fine Dragon Ball Z movies?

Posted by OllyOxenFree

Well I did not like the first Raging Blast so I don't think I'll like this one...

Posted by illmatic19

Where was Burst Limit 2?

Posted by LethalKi11ler

I stopped watching after the Majin Buu saga, a lot of strangers in this video

Posted by Hockeymask27

omg they added a character that only existed in some interactive vhs lol.

Posted by RE_Player1

I rather have a new Burst Limit but since I haven't actually bought a DBZ game in 5 years I might pick this one up. 

Posted by CookieMonster

I thought this was a new Iron Man game when I saw the picture.

Posted by Xeiphyer

I do love me some Bojack...
They really need to add a character creator, that would be totally amazing.
This game will be good if they fixed the camera issues of the first one, sure there are a lot of DBZ games released, but Raging Blast was the only good one in the last 4 or 5 years. Looks like this one might include just about every character in the shows =P

Posted by doe3879

I wish they would just rip off Zone of the enders and make it a DB flight/action adventure game

Posted by Flappy

This...This is just Tenkaichi 3 with an HD shine to it.

Posted by Xqwzt

 Up, X, Down, B, L, Y, R, A- Kakarott-toh.

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

"High quality 3D visuals" that look like they belong on a PS2.

Posted by Senile_Kyle

Yet Another Dragon Ball Game...

Posted by Kowalczyk

Damn I was such a fan of DBZ that I can't help at least rent this game to give it a look.

Posted by Undeadpool

Uuuuugh...I actually still like DBZ, but I haven't liked a single one of the games since Budokai 3. All this technology and all the characters share something like 80% of the same moves. How about instead of 100 fighters, we get 30 who are actually different?

Posted by adoggz

generic Akira Toriyama characters fighting each other with generic move in a generic game. wooo

Posted by fox01313

A: this seems slighty visually better than previous DBZ games  
B: this game will ultimately fail as it doesn't have the 2d fighting like in the dragonball psp game

Posted by Cheesetruncheon

so is this game getting an EU release?   i kid i kid.
what confuses me is how every gen they seem to have a game with all of the characters in, then the next installment they take them all out and then slowly re-introduce them all, can't we have like every game with all of the same characters as the game before? i want to pit DB goku against ss4 goku, or pan vs videl in any game i pick up whether it's tenkaichi 1,2,3 burst limit or raging blast.
i guess that means i'm just asking for 1 game huh? hmmm....

Posted by Mumrik

Surprised to see this is a PS3/360 game. It looked like a Wii game graphically.

Posted by Arcaed

This game makes me sad. I really prefer a more balanced, 2D style of fighting, and would have MUCH rather seen a new Burst Limit than this. I did not pick up Raging Blast, and neither will I pick up this.

Posted by LordXavierBritish

Well you know, at least they are using it to expand the universe. 
I guess that's a consolation for someone out there.

Posted by JackSukeru

Meh, maybe I'll get the next one.

Posted by Zabu_san

Hatchiyack looks cool, but in the universe, he seems really, REALLY outta place...
Cool trailer, havn't played one of thses since...Budokai 3 on the PS3 I think, so it might be time to delve back in!!

Posted by Shadow

After it said "100 characters", I got excited and then immediately soured on the game because of how blatantly they're trying to rip off the trailers Capcom put out for SSF4

Posted by MrMazz

i want 1 armed alternate timeline Gohan from Legend of Trunks

Posted by JJOR64
@illmatic19 said:
" Where was Burst Limit 2? "
I'm wondering the same thing.  The 2D DBZ fighters are heck of a lot better then the 3D ones.
Posted by AthleticShark

I am not going to lie, that game looks really good even though I have no idea who that purple robot guy is.
Nothing will ever beat Budoki 3 or Tenkaichi (however you spell it), but this looks like a great game compared to the ones before it on the 360.

Posted by shanchett99

Again i'm boned for only having a wii

Posted by RJPelonia

...Did anyone else see that video of Jeff beatboxing or was that just me?

Posted by VitaminWaterYum
@RJPelonia:   Yeah...me too, got a pop-up as well but it was blocked. I had my sound off so I wasn't sure what it was, by the time I alt-tabbed back in from wow it was gone.
Posted by RE_Player1
@JJOR64 said:
" @illmatic19 said:
" Where was Burst Limit 2? "
I'm wondering the same thing.  The 2D DBZ fighters are heck of a lot better then the 3D ones. "
Ya they aren't Street Fighter but they are very enjoyable. I thought after Budokai 3 and Burst Limit they got a formula down but looks like they're going back too the 3D ones. 
Posted by MisterMouse

besides new characters what is actually updated in these games?

Posted by MistaSparkle

Bojack isn't even new.

Posted by gingertastic_10

GET HYPE!!!! I'm so excited :)

Posted by AsianSwagger

Krillin getting beat up? Nothing new here.

Posted by SileoNex

Well I do like high quality 3D visuals...

Posted by squidracerX
@AsianSwagger said:
" Krillin getting beat up? Nothing new here. "
poor Krillin.....
Posted by Hector

Another one?

Posted by DoctorWelch

Wait...what did I just watch?

Posted by PhilESkyline

Nice to see them picking up playdia characters.  Now, if they would only include the entire GT characters.

Posted by Lazyaza

God damn they STILL cant make a dbz game with proper destructible environments or decent character animation, 2 things crucial to dbz being dbz. >_<

Posted by MadThad0890

HOLY SHIT!!  plan to eradicate the saiyans!!  CANT WAIT TO SEE THAT WITH NEW ANIMATIONS 

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