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Get sum

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Well I guess now we know what the fuck Capcom's been up to.

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Hmm, kinda looks like Capcom's answer to The Elder Scrolls, which has potential.

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sells the game short indeed, the minute the 80s hair metal guitar started my head fell and my heart sank.

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doesn't look that bad if a high fantasy kinda way

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"I'm the mother fucking Wizaaaaaaaaaaard!"

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Dragon May Cry, nice. Definitely keeping both eyes on this puppy.

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Hmmmmmm, I might be really, really messed up in the head, but did I hear a guitar riff in the middle of all that?

And oh shit, Captivate WAS last week. 
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@Chris2KLee said:
" Hmm, kinda looks like Capcom's answer to The Elder Scrolls, which has potential. "
You are on the right track, from what I played/saw of it last week.
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So basically its a cross between Monster Hunter and Demon's Souls?

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I hate to break it to you, Capcom. But Dragons and Electric Guitar Solos never actually existed together.

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It's a Japanese made WRPG. With guitar riffs.

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man, that is an awful title

but those hydras look pretty damn cool

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I liked how they snuck a little bit of shredding into the music about halfway through just to remind us that this is from Japan.

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Yo this looks kinda cool.

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It looks kind of like a Monster Hunter/Lost Planet/Demon's Souls-type deal, only open-world. Cool!

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Does it have co-op? Saw a party of 4 dudes at one point.

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Pretty exciting stuff. This came out of nowhere. Hope we get a QL Road Show from your trip?    
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@Icemael said:
" It looks kind of like a Monster Hunter/Lost Planet/Demon's Souls-type deal, only open-world. Cool! "
you beat me to it. I was gonna say Monster Hunter/Demon's Souls
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aYup, this looks like a Capcom joint. Which means this is the first and last time I will think about this game. 

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elder scrolls meets japan, this and reckoning looks to be good

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face melting riffs love it

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Something about it reminded me of demons souls....if demons souls believed in sunlight, but it looks like it could be cool.

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So Skyrim isn't out yet and Capcom is already knocking it off? Combat looks interesting though, I guess I'll have to wait and see.

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This looks potentially awesome to me. :D

Color me curious.

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looks epic

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Is this existing because there has been like lots of stuff about dragons lately?


 Otherwise, besides some pretty decent dragon designs, I have one comment. Never again do I need to hear generic rock guitar cut into the middle of a soundtrack like that, at least sounding like that little fight scene riff did. It ruined the whole moment, and I am not usually too sensitive that way.


Otherwise, looks like something for ppl. into dragons.

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Dragons always interest me.

Edit: I thought what little was shown of th combat looked more like Arcania: Gothic 4 than anything else. I hope this doesn't turn out like that, though perhaps I'd prefer the same style of combat with a controller, as opposed to a touchpad mouse and keyboard, which is what I played the Arcania demo on. I also hope this game has a more in-depth leveling system than Arcania did, since it seems like it might just focus on melee, archery or wizardy as well.
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I dunno. It doesn't really look interesting and it feels like the trailer is trying to hard.

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Looks like a bad fantasy movie from the '80s. Maybe something will get me excited for this down the line, but this trailer did nothing for me.

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Griffons? Sold.

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A medieval fantasy action game by the director of DMC3/4. Hell yes!

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I was all excited for this game until I saw the splash screen at the end had no PC logo. Boo Capcom. Boo on you.

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@Icemael said:
" It looks kind of like a Monster Hunter/Lost Planet/Demon's Souls-type deal, only open-world. Cool! "
That's what I thought too
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Looks neat but I'd feel kind of bad about killing a gryphon because of where I started WOW. 

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Guys, the electric guitar riffs kick in when they first show a wizard.  It can only be seen as COMPLETELY APPROPRIATE.  What is the most "magical" type of music we have?  Probably type that harnesses the power of electricity.
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It has harpies in it. That has to make you a little bit interested.

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If this game has co-op I'm totally in, it looks sick!

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So they are making a japanese Oblivion?

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dragons dogma's

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@Emperor_Jimmu said:
" "I'm the mother fucking Wizaaaaaaaaaaard!" "
I was thinking the same thing.
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Looks co op? Or just npc's helping out?

Also, that guitar riff was killer! Bloody ace!

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Looks decent enough to make me watch a more in depth gameplay trailer when they come out with one

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Now that looks like a real proper dragon.

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Wow! I've not been particularly interested in most PS3 titles, but this trailer looks really amazing.  If given proper care and polish, Dragon's Dogma could turn out really cool.

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:
" Looks co op? Or just npc's helping out?Also, that guitar riff was killer! Bloody ace! "
apparently you can recruit party members from the main town
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Blah art style

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That guitar. WTF?