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Looks kind of cool.

EDIT: Ha, I actually watched the video before posting, that was an amazingly easy quest.

Posted by BradGrenz

God of War clone?

Posted by KovicMAN

I really see this story before.

Posted by phampire

seems GOW-ish to an extent, art and setting seem pretty unique.

Posted by Murdouken

Garshasp: The Monster Slayer clone.

Posted by Spankmealotus

Tell me where to find Iran? I'm sure that isn't what was said.

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I saw the words Crimson Sea and got all excited... *sigh* Oh well.

Posted by DeadMonkeys

"Elena! Noooooooo!" I chuckled. This looks bad.

Posted by sergeirocks

No one is going to say it, eh? BLOOD FORVTHE BLOOD GOD!!!

Posted by Veektarius

I had difficulty identifying the title of the game in the name of this video.

Posted by ScoreSetter
Posted by DeF

the colors/overblown contrast/lighting looks terrible. can't see shit.

Posted by Omnomnivore

Seems like a fun game for a dead weekend.

Posted by Wandrecanada

Hold on... his name is Krom and he's "The Destroyer"? Interesting...

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Posted by Deusx

So God of War + Skyrim + Bad Accents + Crazy Helmets? Ok.

Posted by Shaanyboi

This looks bad, but for the limitations of XBLA, I guess it's impressive...?

Posted by crazyleaves

Dude, I got yo rod right here.

Posted by Cyrisaurus

It looks like a God of War clone that I actually want to play.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

Man, XBLA games are evolving fast. Although by any other standards this still looks pretty bad

Posted by Cogzwell

Seems as accurate to celtic mythos as 300 was to Greek history... still it seems fun if anything.

Posted by MoseSSesoM

If there is a demo I will give it a chance.

Posted by Bernoulli

Blood Killer: The Revenge: Reckoning

Posted by katsu044

those camera angles made me dizzy,not sure what to think of this not sure why i felt like i was watching a trailer for DA2.

Posted by Zurgfrog

So much yelling

Posted by Deusoma
@DeadMonkeys said:
"Elena! Noooooooo!" I chuckled. This looks bad.
Nobody plays games like this for the story, let's be fair. If it's satisfying to hack people to piles of gore, it'll be a good game.
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Crom is gonna need a bath after all this I bet.

Posted by ez123

Looks really cool, can't wait to try the demo.

Posted by Vague_Optimism

@Bernoulli said:

Blood Killer: The Revenge: Reckoning

Blood Ocean: The Revengencer

Posted by Klaimore

Spoilers his wife dies

Posted by myslead

@Vague_Optimism said:

@Bernoulli said:

Blood Killer: The Revenge: Reckoning

Blood Ocean: The Revengencer


Posted by Tordah

Hmm, this seems a bit too ambitious for an XBLA release. I mean, there's no way it can compare to the big budget games like Bayonetta and God of War, yet everyone is going to be comparing it to those and expecting the same high quality. I just don't see that happening unless the game is like 1-2 hours long.

Posted by Taka

Shakycam - The Revenge

Judging from the amount of dismemberment i'm save to say that this game will never come out in germany.

Posted by GhosthH

Wow, I love this. I was looking forward to this the most from the showcase and it delivered in spades. Doesn't seem to be getting a lot of coverage at different sites though.

-Tordah, why can't it compare to God of War? This is Climax Entertainment(Sudeki), they make pretty good games and they have Microsoft help/support as-well. Let's be honest, GoW isn't anything special from a gameplay perspective, I think from a combat perspective this could be every bit as good as that, maybe better though we'll have to wait and see. From a production perspective, not so much but I still like the style and main character myself.

Posted by Generiko

I thought he was going to punch that dead lady

Posted by seanord

Con accento malo? Aye, dios mio.

Posted by Thuggish

So... They're remaking God of War, but for Xbox Live arcade? Okay.

Posted by plato84

What is the riddle of Steel?

Posted by Kyoshi9

I like this guys hat...

Posted by playastation

Why is his voice like that?

Posted by Shaliber

Looks surprisingly well made for an XBLA game

Posted by RipTheVeins

@Vague_Optimism said:

@Bernoulli said:

Blood Killer: The Revenge: Reckoning

Blood Ocean: The Revengencer

I <3 <3 <3 <3 yous.