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Giant Balls XL

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giant bomb just got XL

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@scarace360 said:
" giant bomb just got XL "
Giant bomb was always XL
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Oh God.... Excitement.

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XL joke. 
Dayum dat pen!

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It's Huge! 
Edit: GB crew putting a little more production value in this video. Cool.

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office videos are now higher quality video

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Busted out the good cameras for this. Dual Lensed even!

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Its so... BIG... 
EDIT: Ok this is the funniest video since the Giant Bomb App commercial parody.

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@wrecks said:
" Busted out the good cameras for this. Dual Lensed even! "
The XL is just so extreme, that extreme-ly good quality was needed, clearly.
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star wipe ftw

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one of the best videos around

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DAM! I was going to get a DSi, now I'm going to have to wait for this.

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Jeff: "Here let me help with this." *throws them aside*
Edit: OMG, I just finished watching the last part!! LMAO!!!

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AHAHAHAH! At 7:42, Ryan suggests the shop music might be different...
just look at how Jeff reacts.

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Um, they're taking the "backseat challenge'...I don't like the sound of that.
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@ThatFrood said:
" @scarace360 said:
" giant bomb just got XL "
Giant bomb was always XL "
But now its even more XLer
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somebody really needs to make a gif of Brad's face at 8:44

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Everything needs a pear comparison.

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Terrible Idea, people want stuff smaller, or at least the size of the nexus 1, god, wth is Nintendo thinking

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This is infinitely more interesting than a picture of a large sandwich.
Not that large sandwiches aren't infinitely interesting.

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@GiantBomber: rumors of a new ds going to be announced at e3 I read somewhere
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Wow, are they using extremely high quality camera's for this? Looks great.

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that was actually really funny

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Hell, I might even buy one of these.
I've never owned a DS so it would make sense now.

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Haha. Nice way to end that.

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@organicalistic_ said:
" Terrible Idea, people want stuff smaller, or at least the size of the nexus 1, god, wth is Nintendo thinking "
I disagree.  I don't really use handhelds as portables, so having the bigger screen is much better. 

XL is definitely the best version of the DS, unless you really need one that's easy to carry around.  And even then, as long as you have reasonably big pockets the XL is still manageable.
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Giant Bomb: Comparing things to pears since 1904.

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HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Awesome is right.

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This has a strange, cooking show vibe...

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That was fantastic! More stuff like this, please

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@shatteringlast said:
" Its so... BIG... "
That's what...well, you know.
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Where did that table come from?

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Classic end!

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 That was pretty cheesy, but you hocked off Brad's stuff for cheap, so it's okay.

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that was awesome.

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classic giant bomb.

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hahahaha love jeff's face during 7:00 listening to the ds music

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This is some kind of opus.

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Pear! But seriously I am probably going to pick this up. I didn't pick up the DSI, but I have nearly picked it up numerous times and it is just on the edge of justifying itself. With the exception of the Game Boy Micro and the DSI I have owned all the Gameboy sytems since the Gameboy Pocket, so it kind of feels wrong that I don't have a DSi and this is just enough excuse to get one, since a DS Player would never work. 
Though it is huge, so I doubt it will replace my DS Lite, it will be the system I keep at home for when I want things bigger. Because, you know, bigger!

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I could finally play comfortably on a ds and jack all my friends shit at the same time? Thanks Nintendo.

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Poor brad.

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Best GB video ever created.

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yay dave!!