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Posted by DHunter329


Posted by Tesla

Awesome...reminds me of those old Counter Strike maps.  

Posted by StepwiseDuchess


Posted by StepwiseDuchess


Posted by kingcopper


Posted by BD

Little Duke has the best voice.

Posted by Slaker117

This is more like the type of dumb that fits what I assume people want from the game.

Posted by TurboMan


Posted by McShank

so close.. and this game keeps making me want to throw more money at it.

Posted by buhssuht

size dont matter

Posted by fontainefellow

a shrink gun you say? you are starting to garner my interest, duke

Posted by SlightConfuse

that looked fun

i was hoping the disclaimer would say date subject to change
Posted by ArtelinaRose

I don't even care, this game is going to be great.

Posted by Getz

PORKCHOP SANDWICHES! Haha, well done, Gearbox.

Posted by Complex


Posted by Vigorousjammer

I need to stop watching these trailers and just play the damn game!  This level (I'm assuming it's just one level) would have been much cooler if I hadn't known about it from watching this trailer.

That's it, I'm not watching any more DNF content Gearbox releases, I'm just gonna buy the game when it comes out.

Posted by Theavy

This trailer makes the game look more fun then previous trailers 


Posted by Dogma

Okey...this actually looks kinda fun. Everything else have looked kind of dumb and generic but this looked liked it could be fun. And for the record... I will play this game no matter what...just out of morbid curiosity about how this goddamn game will turn out in the end.

Awesome to see the shrink gun being back!
Posted by MEATBALL

Really enjoyed this trailer.

Posted by Leviticus128

I'm sold, totaly exited for this game now, (asif the shit throwing wasn't enough?)

Posted by phrosnite

This game will be stupid fun.

Posted by wrecks


Posted by LethalKi11ler

First DNF trailer that got me excited :P

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

Oh man...

Edited by Agent47

Oh the gun fight on top of the shelves sealed the deal.

Posted by Tennmuerti


Posted by Teoball

yup, still excited for this!

Posted by Jolt92

I'm starting to really look forward to this game.

Posted by abdo

Wow, I never would have thought this game would have something interesting that you don't see in every other shooter. High-pitched Duke sounds awesome.

Posted by 234r2we232

Ahhh. Now I remember why I liked Duke Nukem.

Posted by fl4tlined

anyone else laugh every time at the end of the video it makes that bizrooooo

Posted by Foggen

That looks fun as hell.  LEVELORD FOR THE WIN

Posted by SomeJerk

Shrink gun multiplayer please oh god please

Posted by CookieMonster


Posted by TheHT

'Thank God nobody stepped on you!'

I think I'm gonna like this game.

Posted by Dain22


Posted by spilledmilkfactory

"Thank God nobody stepped on you!"

I laughed. This is one of the better trailers so far.
Posted by LadyShayne

Is it wrong that I like miniature Duke's voice better than the normal one? 

Posted by Yummylee

God bless Gearbox. Looks so reminiscent of classic FPS' with all this zanity

Posted by memo

These trailers are getting dumber and I like it.

Posted by Legend

I want this game, and I want it now!

Edited by Meltac

I'm surprised, but this game looks like it's going to ... kick ass?

Posted by Xealot42

I'm glad they are adding to the shrink/expand mechanics from duke 3d! I'm replaying it and the shrink gun is one of my favorite weapons.


Duke Nuke'm is totally going to rock the gaming world, again. King of First Person Shooters! 

Posted by Maajin

What an ugly looking game... =(

Posted by itspizza

its the 90's all over again

Posted by kollay

The Duke never gets small. 

Posted by DeadMonkeys

Porkchop Sandwiches.

Posted by Babylonian

You know what? This game is totally fine with me.

Posted by John1912

Never liked Duke, but pretty much everything about this game looks awesome!

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