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seems interesting

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Greg Kasavin.

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Should this not be under the events tab along with the E3 day zero video?

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Brad seems slightly stunned by it all.

And where are the booth babes!?!

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a pushover, as expected...

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woow thats how we roll !

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Lolz  "as expected that guy was a pushover". Poor dude, just looking for a quiet place to read his book but got lost in the middle of E3.

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Nice, PS3 and PSP are finally getting a lot of really good games that I'm really interested in!

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Neat. Looking forward to more videos like this. :)

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Any demos about Beyond Good&Evil 2 in there? :(

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Cool, nice to hear from Greg and see some on floor stuff.

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Looks good.  I like what is coming to the PS3 so it was nice to see the Sony booth. 

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Greg Kasavin was on, I like him. One of the people that have this hypnotizing narrative talent.

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Yo its Greg, Thats alot of third party games.

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Greg Kasavin Update!! That was awesome.

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Awesome stuff, good work on E3 so far can't wait for more videos.

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Booth loooks huuuge, but then again Sony's got tons of stuff to show.

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Yeah the whole "Hannah Montana" cheering really confused me as well, even Jack seemed a little taken aback by it.

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Upwards pan FAIL :P Nice comeback though.

I wonder what they were showing on the PSP Go thats not supposed to be shown to the outside world. Hmmm..

Also! I had the same question running in my head.. about the cheers for Hannah montana..The first time, I was kinda surprised. Then when they did the same when they showed the montage I was like 0_0

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Woo! Kasavin.

Wow, that was some cold hard critical Line Cutting, and it worked.

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Thanks for the awesome tour-de-e3 in the Sony booth

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Greg, the internet misses you so much. It's not the same out here without greg's reviews.

btw you can totally tell its Drew filming because he's shorter and when he films Jeff, jeff looks like a effin' monster truck, a tower, The Godzilla of video game reviewers.

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oh yea, Greg

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Brad totally looked like Cole from inFAMOUS from behind...

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Ahhh, it's always nice to see Greg K. keeping it real out there. That was a pretty sweet video, I like Jeff's no mercy approach to getting through the queues and the crowds, haha. Hope to see more like this!

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Greg is awesome. Great video Giantbomb!

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I have had a thought. Shouldn't these E3 videos be put under the "Events" tab instead of features, like last years?

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Random Greg K and push overs.  I approve.

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Nice, Greg there cool... Nice vid. Insightful brad! haha :D

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Hannah Montana game of the century peroid

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"as expected ... that guy was a push over." lmao

greg good to hear from ya

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Great job guys, I noticed that Jeff ignored Tekken 6 despite something about a mech on his Twitter account yesterday, would like to know about that.

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Kasavin lives!!!
  God that feels like a retro through back. That Gamespot feels so so long ago.

Good video (the 1up crew shot themselves looking at the Go! so perhaps it just requires some ... monetary encouragement ? :D
      Or just rush them!

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Kasavin on Bombcast, I'm callin' it!

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dont tell people to go buy Infamous Jeff, YOU HATE SONY REMEMBER? >_>

anyway, awesome looking booth, I agree with the dude that said it looks balanced this year, very nice. who is that dude btw, jeff seemed to know him?

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Ha ha ha! Greg Kasavin. That's awesome. Soooo weird. Anyways, darn. E3 looks very unexciting this year. Ha, and Giantbomb seemed somewhat bored about all of it. Still, games look good.

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Greg! : D

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@Scooper said:
" Kasavin on Bombcast, I'm callin' it! "

That'd be win.
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I like the Big Lebowski quote Jeff threw in there

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What does the back of that guy's jersey say at around 2:45-2:50?

Totally... sufuwa something?

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About the cheering for Hannah Montana I think it was for the pink color of the PSP. I don't know about the US, but where I live pink is huge right now, cell phones, PS2, NDS everything has to have pink. And it's not just girls who like pink anymore. I know of a few video game journalists from here who would love a pink PSP.

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quick look: greg kasavin!

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