Posted by Qjt

Good stuff.

Posted by drowsap

sweet i loved castlevania and super metroid and it has vanashing bosses lol but even with the bugs I think ill still  pick this up

Posted by bdouble

Was excited about this and then I saw Metroid.  Will most likely get it on PC though.

Posted by rmanthorp

Gotta Love it!

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Always up for metroidvania-style stuff, but still wondering how much Orson Scott Card will have to do with the project.

I agree with Vinny: it reminds me of Flashback.

Posted by Trilogy
@drowsap said:
" sweet i loved castlevania and super metroid and it has vanashing bosses lol but even with the bugs I think ill still  pick this up "
I doubt they will release it with bugs like that. Hopefully anyway.....
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Was that cliffy b?

Posted by Tiwi

wait was that Jeff yelling GO LIVE DEMO?
Gotta love it

Posted by Alphazero

Looks like fun.

CliffyB is three apples tall.

Posted by MeatSim

Lol live demo glitched out.

Posted by Player1
@tiwi said:
" wait was that Jeff yelling GO LIVE DEMO?Gotta love it "
I think it was "gotta love live demos". It kinda sorta sounded like Jeff. Its possible. He seems to like to mess with CliffyB as well. So its plausible. 
Posted by killdave

For a Live arcade game this looks pretty awesome.

Looking forward to finding out more

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That looks pretty sweet. Is there a release date?

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Well, this definetly looks like something I would pick up.

Posted by KillerKahuna

Oh man I was expecting to see Kudo Sonoda at the end of the video going : "Well BAM, there it is."

Posted by deaux

Dope.  It's great to see a 2D action game get this much attention from a major developer.  Rearmed was great, and Shadow Complex seems like a logical extension of the same idea.

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This game is great.  Based on Orson Scott Card, that pretty much says it all.  I can't wait for this one.

Posted by Kyle

I feel so bad for those guys. The game looks friggin' sick, but they get two broken microphones and then the boss glitches out haha. Those guys were probably face-in-hands sobbing after they walked off the stage.

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Looks pretty interesting.

Posted by Reetesh

And he said he would never want to get back to the old days...

Maybe he meant he didnt want to get back to being basement coders. He loves sidescrollers I guess.. nice mash-up of many games! looks quite interesting. Dont quite see the selling point for it. Only the weapons seems different (and ofcourse the levels)

Posted by Nzwei

This guy has great reaction time. He didn't hesitate and just finished the demo. Industry needs more people like that :)

Posted by simian

Looks bad ass. Phantom boss not withstanding of course.

Posted by darkjester74

That looks awesome.  We need more games like BC:R, could be the start of a good trend!

Posted by Media_Master

Now I see why people want a new 2 D Metroid