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AWESOME!!!! and first!

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Great gameplay, great graphics, great story, great presentation... I just hope it won't be too short.

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good point about the length.
Not getting sick of really short games at all.
(sarcasm really doesnt work on the internet).

I still feel Alan Wake was the showstopper for MS though.

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It looked good but felt like more of a Bourne game. The cinematics on the walls, roaming around a populated city like in Assassin's Creed, that was all really great. But I've got two big complaints. First off, mark and execute doesn't seem very fun. I mean yea, seeing Sam instantly take out two guys with headshots is cool, but the noninteractive nature puts me off. I like aiming and shooting, not just pressing a button and having the game do it automatically. Make it slow motion or whatever, but just let me control the gun.

And then there's that part where Sam kicked in the door and went guns a blazing. That felt completely un-Splinter Cell to me. There's no way you'd be able to do that in real life and survive, there were about 3 or 4 guys with guns trained on the damn door.

If those four guys had had their backs to him and were caught unaware, I'd buy it. Or if he'd blown up the door with some sort of door charge and then thrown in flashbangs. That would've been fine. But what he did in that video was foolhardy and silly. In real life, you give SWAT teams shields and full body armor to do room clearings. And even then, sometimes they'll suffer deaths.

The thing is, Splinter Cell always struck this great balance of making you feel really powerful while also reminding you that you were very vulnerable. It's what made it tense and exciting and realistic. Sure, you could sneak around and shoot guys in the head silently and feel like some sort of stealth god, but if you slipped up and they did catch you, they'd drop you in 2 shots easy. Well, 2 shots on hard difficulty.

Also, I didn't see any sign of night vision mode or the knife, which is worrying... since those are two big aspects of Splinter Cell I really enjoy. When you're hiding in the dark shadows, it's hard to see anything unless you've got night vision.

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Meh, I've never played or even seen a single Splinter Cell game in my life, so I might only rent this one, what I'm really looking forward to is another Hitman, shame it wasn't announced, dam you Eidios.

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God damn this game looks so fucking awesome! I was not expecting to be so blown away by this.

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@RiddleBrother said:
" God damn this game looks so fucking awesome! I was not expecting to be so blown away by this. "
Same here.
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If this game is actually as good as it seems it will be then I have a feeling it will be pretty damn amazing... I do see what you guys are saying about length. Lots of big name titles are really short these days; let's hope this has a good length that is satisfying and replayable.

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This looks awesome

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I love the style :)

I wonder how it handles the point-to-point targeting, though.  Automatic?

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This is a potential game of the year. I know generally a Splinter Cell game wouldn't quite break into that "elite" group of games... but this game looks extremely impressive.

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That looks amazing.

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This looks pretty unique and awesome.

I've only played half-way through the first Splinter Cell game so I have a lot of catching up to do before this one comes out!

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ive loved all the splinter cell games so far and this one by far looks the best out of all of them.

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And just like that I am excited about Splinter Cell again even after it's long absence.

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Yea this looks like it'll be awesome, can't wait :)

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This looks SOOOO GOOD! :D

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i somewhat agree with delta about the mark & execute removing some control from the game, but it just looks so bad ass it's hard for me to fault the game for it, plus, it's completely optional.  i think i'll use it a little more as a 'finish the last few guys' of a room sort of feature, where i'll enter a room, mark a couple guys, try to stealthily take out the others, & then 'execute'. who knows, i need to play the game to get a feel for it. i think the other features they've added are all awesome. the environmental projection, the 'Last Known Location' thing all looks great.

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looks very good..

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I wasn't expecting this at all, I can't wait for it!

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Now this reboot totally works for me, interested to see how much of the original conviction idea is used.

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Looks amazing, I hope it comes to the PS3!!!

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That looks... damn... just.. damn..

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This may be the game that causes me to buy a XBOX 360.

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I like the very direct directions

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I can't wait for the return of Sam Fisher.  Unlike (apparently) most of the "experts" out there, I didn't think the series was getting stagnant or needed to be improved.

That said, I think I like this improvement.

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is it weird that i never get tired of watching a guy's head get slammed into a urinal lip