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Posted by Player1

Best gameplay of E3. Hands down. 

Posted by Dirty_Harry


Posted by viklanderviking

Looks like god of war, with improved graphics, but that isnt a bad thing of course. Also, Centaur guts!

Posted by Muttinus_Rump

Awesome I guess.

Posted by fugie7

not that im excited already but man i cant wait to get this game!

Posted by Warborn

Looks great.

Posted by nrain
Modern Warfare 2
Posted by DragoonKain1687

Best Gameplay of E3 for sure. Same proben mechanics, but with new things, cant wait to try the new grapple moves. Giving Kratos that power, is like giving Dante the Devil Bringer. You are just asking for some enemies to start killing themselves with their arms.


Im liking the Cestus powers also!!. Cant wait to gut me some animals.

PD: F*ck you PETA.

Posted by mordukai

Man the sounds design is really good, from the rattling of the chains while he runs to way the Blades sounds while in combat. Hearing them tear through meat and bone is just so satisfying and lets not forget those bad ass gauntlets, Man...each time he hits anythin with them is sounds like a 2 ton bolder slamming into the ground. I just love how unapologetically violent God of War 3 is. 

Posted by Xero560

AAHHH! AWESOME! I can't wait to play!

Posted by Speaker4TheDead

wow...game looks awesomely fucking epic...

Posted by skyturnedred

Someone buy me a PS3, please.

Posted by Roboyto

oh i do i do, i want this game ever so much!

Posted by GTylerE

I enjoyed the first two but this really looks to be more of the same in a bad way. Now that there are so many God of War/Ninja Gaiden clones out there, they need to really differentiate themselves from the pack. I know they will deliver the most polished version of the genre but I want more. I think I would be more excited if they would have shown something that proves it is somewhat different than the first two. Open world maybe?

Posted by Undeadpool

That centaur is a gelding now!!!!

Posted by RHCPfan24

This demo was very impressive. It just looks like more, BIGGER God of War.

Posted by ahriman22

God of War should just stop...

Like, seriously. Tehy weren't gifts from god and this one isn't either.
Posted by DannyJ

I think what separates this from the rest of the Mature Hack and Slashes is the level of brutality. I dont think I've seen so much disemboweling and maiming in any other game.

Edited by Jimbo

Do you think Kratos is related to Jack O'Hara?

Posted by MeatSim

Yup that looks like god of war.

Posted by Mr402

I cant wait!!!!!!

Posted by Deusoma

More or less what I was expecting, not that that's a bad thing, though I was surprised to see actual organs when he gutted the centaur. Those gauntlet things also didn't seem very exciting, which is disappointing.

Posted by ReTarDedFisHy

*watches video*
*monsters getting absolutely f*cked and literally torn to pieces*
Yup. Definitely God of War. No doubt about it.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Hey...  this is like a disturbing version of Klonoa :)

Posted by Psych0Penguin

I personally don't like it (which is bias because I don't like hack 'n' slash/beat 'em up games past early arcade period) but can understand why people who do like them games love this, definitely looks like one of the best in its genre.

Posted by AURON570

looking good

Posted by killdave

Looks great. I'll buy it.

Give me more blood and I'll pre order it !

Posted by XRevMaynardX

You have to be one jaded son of a fucking bitch to not be impressed by that! Get a new hobby. You've reached the end of this one.

Posted by Jimbo

I've always found the God of War gameplay a bit "eh, whatevs.", but they're a ton of fun to look at.

Posted by gunslingerNZ
@ahriman22: ha HA! you got teh humorz! Kidding.... This game looks epic, can't wait to see showroom floor footage!
Posted by Jared

Looks extremely awesome..mine!!!

Posted by PuppyKisses

And the big PS3 exclusive is... a nicer looking version of the same game we've seen before!?

Edited by RenegadeSaint

I gotta admit, I'm disappointed with this demo.  It just doesn't bring anything new to the table.  Hopefully, the GoW team is holding back on showing us some awesome, new gameplay elements.  I'll spend some time with GoW II and hold my opinion until I see reviews.

Posted by gunslingerNZ
@PuppyKisses: Don't you think you could say the same for Halo:Reach, or for that matter left for dead 2.
Posted by skilzlost

nonethe less.. its a god of war follow up its bound to be amazing...

the dudes got wings too...

the chains sound good also and man how many combos is it gona have looks like plenty already and i bet they didnt show them all.. its bound to be fun.. in all its blue ray glory..

Posted by Bubahula

looks good for its kind but hack'n slash does nothin for me

Posted by John1912

Yea, not very interested in this yet.  GoW 1 was novel, 2 was a rehash, and this is looking about the same.  Nice graphics, but they need to show me something new.  New system, I want a good update.  Thought Halo 3 sucked for the same reason Halo 1 was great, but I didnt want to play it 3x.  Im also sick of button mashing, there is very little skill needed.  Spam and dodge gets old, esp the 3rd time around.

Half the reason GoW 1 was cool were the QT kills, and that wasnt even fun in Gow2.  Sure this game will do well but might just be a renter for me.

Posted by Matfei90

This had me glued to the screen for it's entirety.

I'm definately picking up a PS3 now.

Posted by gamefreak9

um i dno, god of war needs to add something new, they should revamp fighting to match up Ninja Gaiden... otherwise it will never be more than a rent

Posted by SM2099

F'N GREAT!!!!!!!!!

Posted by TwoOneFive


Posted by Otzlowe
@XRevMaynardX said:
" You have to be one jaded son of a fucking bitch to not be impressed by that! Get a new hobby. You've reached the end of this one. "
Well darn. Looks like I'm going to be shoehorned back into the hobby market.

Seriously though. It just kind of looked like a pretty hack'n'slash. They're fun to play, but...  damn they're boring as hell to watch. Like... it was somewhat impressive, but no point of it made me go "Wow." It was basically just everything I was expecting if maybe slightly less. Maybe it was the lack of seriously epic music, but it didn't look challenging or "extreme."

I'm also baffled why no one is complaining about quick time events. God of War does not get a free pass. I expect to see more whining right now. (I don't mind too much, for one.)
Posted by Neorub

This is the game that makes me get a PS3

Posted by Gigaman

Wow, that's AWESOME. I just wish that the bodies stayed in place.

Posted by get2sammyb

This is unreal. Exactly what I wanted out of this game.

Posted by dopeman


Posted by spiceninja

Looks the exact same at the other 3 games. Kind of excited but kind of indifferent. I think this is the last game they can do this way before it gets stale.

Posted by PuppyKisses
yeah you could, except that those franchises aren't making their first appearance on the platform, and they both have a robust online component. God of War 3 is a linear single player focused game.
Posted by darkspirit138
@Jimbo said:
" Do you think Kratos is related to Jack O'Hara?
Posted by gbpackers94

Not my type of game.

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