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Dood, assassin's creed 2!

Also, where's the video?
Posted by Figge

Yeah the video would be nice :)

Posted by ChrisTaran

I need me some more Brad interviewing action!

Posted by RagingLion

Yep, no video here.  Looking forward to it when it finally shows up.

Posted by Figge

i hope they've added more information gathering missions types.

Posted by TG_SOLID

I was disappointed when the demo started with bench sitting.

Posted by AllanIceman

I should finish AC1.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Man, look at all these Brad interviews poppin' up!

Posted by Skunkboy72


now i need to go read up on the Renaissance

Posted by DannyJ

Surprising lack of Jade Raymond.

It's kind of a good thing because Ubi tried so hard to associate her with AC1 that eventually people began to get tired of seeing her.

Posted by Renegade

Looks great, can't believe it's coming out this year, insanity!

Posted by CashBailey

Great interview.

If only movie people put as much thought into their sequels as games people do.

Posted by Vegetto

Missions where you play the role of a young noble?  Does that include boning?  :)

Posted by gamefreak9

late videos?

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I was tired of hearing about  and seeing Jade last time around but now I'm kind of missing her.  Sad, but true.

and was that a confirmation of Desmond action?

Imagine how awesome AC1 would have been if you broke out as Desmond at the end and you used similar gameplay mechanics but in some crazy futuristic environment.  It wouldn't have to be a long segment or anything, but it just would have been awesome.

Good interview though.  Sheds some light on some new stuff and gets me even more excited.

Posted by Origina1Penguin

I'm very excited for AC2.

Posted by Llama

Brad's a damn good interviewer, he just sums up what we already know and gets straight to the stuff we want to know about. Awesome interview with some bits of info i haven't seen anywhere else.

Posted by MyPSNisDylanMMc

Sigh.... Why the f**k is the Desmond Miles story in this at all?? They should ditch that stroy completely and just let you play the story of an assassin. I don't want to play as Desmond Miles.

Posted by Brendan
It's kinda late for that now isn't it?
Posted by Noremakk

Great interview for three reasons: Brad's a good interviewer. Very good; knows what the audience wants.

The French, especially those who work at Ubi, always seem to know to put their best foot forward and put someone who really knows what they're talking about and is enthusiastic as interiviewee.
And, finally, Assassin's Creed 2 looks very exciting, and they've really listened to the audience. Definitely buying it.
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Yay I've been waiting for this interview all week! Definitely buying this game.
And I agree, Brad is very good at interviews.

Posted by Pappasman

ACII will be incredible.

Posted by MeatSim

Brad knows how to interview people that's what I learned from all these interviews that were posted today.

Posted by lantus

This is a great interview, and I'm really looking forward to this game!

Posted by Carlos1408

Awesome, sounds like they are working really hard to get rid of the repetetiveness and lack of variety, I'm quite excited about this game now :)

Posted by Rhaknar

while deeply flawed, i still loved the first game, mainly because it played (and looked) so great, so i have high hopes for the sequel

Posted by Drakhir

Looking pretty cool.
Additions to the gameplay variety sound great too.

Posted by Roboyto

most excellent interview, very excited for this game

Posted by Realkilla789


Posted by FLStyle

I'll be getting this without a doubt, makes me feel slightly better about that awful press conference.

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Oooooooooh, "escort mission". :(

Apart from that, though, it looks like they've made a lot of improvements to the game. I'm also pretty glad they got rid of the Kingdom open-world aspect as it wasn't that fun in the first game.

Posted by Blitzer

I'm excited. But the thing that irks me about games like this (even now as I'm still trying to get through AC1) is that guards "cheat".
If I kill a guard and another happens to walk up even 30 seconds after, If I walk by, they KNOW I did it. Even missions where you have 3 mins to assassinate a few people. I kill one and start running away only to happen to walk by a guard that hasn't seen anything but he says, "HEY YOU KILLED HIM, DIE!!".

Very annoying. Other than that flaw and the minor repetition. Amazing game, can't wait for the sequel.
Posted by SunKing
@Blitzer: The really annoying thing I'vve found is, when pickpocketing, if an NPC walks straight into you from their position, they tell you to stop following them. Hey! You walked into me, buddy! They obviously programmed that mission around proximity to the target and nothing else.
Posted by pisk

AssC 2 sounds great, like most of sequels on this years E3

Posted by skilzlost

sounds good ..

i like the way you can kill ppl this a much bigger improvement on ac1

i hope theres more contraptions than just the flying machine. this also sounds like a great part of ac2

Posted by Venatio

I really liked AC 1 even if it was repetitive, the sequel looks beautiful and sounds awesome, cant wait!

Posted by Synthballs

Christ, that french man can talk! But regardless, this game sounds aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome!

One 'e' was never enough!

Posted by Dyram

Assassin's Creed 2 sounds fantastic.

Also, every interview should be like this. Lots of information, very informative, and very friendly.

Posted by giyanks22

The game looks awesome...Brad is really a good interviewer.

Posted by Jayzilla

not to be a hater, but is adding escort quests really the way to mix things up with this game? Everything in that gameplay footage they showed at the conference is exactly like AC1 except for the fact that you have 2 short blades for up close stealth kills and you can fly. everything else is just AC1 in a different location.

Posted by Nakirendral

After watching the Lucasarts and Nintendo interviews filled with "We aren't ready to talk about that..." lines and just evading Bradley's questions entirely, it is down right refreshing to hear a developer shed so much light on their project, especially since I really had no opinions on AC2 to begin with. Definitely piqued my interest, which is what good interviewers/interviewees should do.

Posted by Reuben

Great interview, You asked just about every question I would of asked. Awesome info and I can't wait to get this game!

Posted by DeanJParker

It really looks like Brad is in love with the guy in the pre start screen :P All gooey eyed and gushing lol

Posted by Scarecrow_

I didn't buy AC because I didn't feel it was worth the full price. I've just recently got it off eBay for $14 and it's being shipped to me now. Hearing about all of the "problems" that the first game had, however, is sort of making me not want to play it at all. . . : /

Posted by king_of_destiny

wait, did he say escort missions?

Please no
Posted by Agent47CSim2

Looks very good and since E3 i've noticed how good at interveiwing Brad really is and I hope he gets to do some more.

Posted by KillerKahuna

Rabbits going home, in the background cranked me up :P

BTW great interview, Patrice Desilets is an awesome dude, he smells very clean and has smooth and clever answers on the questions.

Also Jade Raymond is still in the team but not representing the game anymore but she's still in the team.

Posted by Llama
@Scarecrow_ said:

I didn't buy AC because I didn't feel it was worth the full price. I've just recently got it off eBay for $14 and it's being shipped to me now. Hearing about all of the "problems" that the first game had, however, is sort of making me not want to play it at all. . . : /

Ignore the nay-sayers. It's a great game, the feeling of freedom you get from all the free running makes up for all the "repetitiveness" of the investigation missions. People are blowing it way out of proportion imo. 3 little missions to unlock the assassination then you get to murder a dude! What really sold it to me was the escape afterwards.

Also everyone somehow forgets about the story. WHICH IS AWESOME.

Makes me glad i got if off steam during the E3 week!
Posted by killdave


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